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Where is the Nubank card security code located?

A credit card has some basic information like the card number, expiration date and security code. But not always the location of each of this information is clear to many people. For example, do you know what it is, what it’s for and where the credit card code is?

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What is the card security code?

The security code, CVC (Card Verification Code) or CVV (Card Verification Value), is a 3-digit number, which serves as a substitute for the password in online purchases, as it is a code linked to the CPF of the cardholder, and it appears on the back of the card. Therefore, the purpose of the CVC is to curb fraud and scams involving credit cards on the internet.

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How to find the security code on the Nubank card?

The security code (CVC), on the physical card, is only on the card. In the case of the physical Nubank card, the three-number security code is on the back of the card, next to the expiration date, and under the “cvc”. This location is intended for greater discretion, as it is information that must be kept confidential. In the application it is not possible to discover the CVC of the physical card, only the CVC of the virtual cards.

Where is the security code for the Nubank Virtual Card?

The security code (CVC) of the virtual cards are viewed by the application of Nubank?? On the home screen, click on “My Cards”. Then select the desired card. Enter your password. There will be information on the card number, the name of the holder, the validity, and finally the card code (CVC), followed by the function of the card (debit or credit).

It is important to know well what each information on a credit card is used for, as well as the location of each one of them, so as not to be vulnerable to fraud of all kinds. On the internet, especially, code is very welcome. Always be careful with your data, and do not share it with anyone, except in cases of necessity.

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