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Where is the Nubank card number on the App?

The interface of the roxinho bank application is very simple to use, you can even find the Nubank card number through the app too, which can be a little complicated for those who are not used to using digital banking.

What this article covers:

How to see the Nubank card number through the App? Check step by step

To find the Nubank card number through the app, just follow the step-by-step instructions in just 2 steps.

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Check it out below:

Login to the app

access the Nubank app with your credentials: CPF and password and on the home page, click on “my cards”.

Select your card

Two options will appear: the physical card, which you already have in your hands and can consult your number at any time. And the virtual card, just click on the option you want, put your 4-digit password and the Nubank card number through the app will appear on your screen.

It is recommended that you use the virtual card for online purchases, subscription payments on websites and applications and the physical card for your in-person purchases.

What other information is there on the Nubank card through the App?

Along with the Nubank card number through the app, the validity information, security code, brand and functionality that is usually dual with debit and credit also appear on your screen.

Main Functions of the Nubank App

The Nubank application has several functions.

Main Functions of the Nubank App

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See below which are the main ones:

Application Blocking

Every Nubank customer can use in addition to the password to lock the app, with the digital unlocking and facial recognition function, to activate them just go to “app settings”, and then to “biometric authentication”, thus making the lock and unlocking the most convenient and secure application.

limit control

You can control the limit of your nubank card through the app, just click on your card, then “adjust limit” and finally move the purple drop. You can also ask for a raise by selecting the amount you need and waiting for an immediate response.

Virtual Card

Directly linked to the physical card, through the Nubank app you have access to the virtual card, which has a different security code and number, but for payments it will work together with the physical card, in a single invoice.

Credit card blocking

In the bank app, you can also lock and unlock your credit card whenever you want, and what’s more, you can also do the same with the proximity purchase function, the release is automatic when you want to activate it again.

Did you see? It’s not just the Nubank card number through the app that you have access to, but everything you really need for your account to work. It is certainly because of this practicality that the purple has become so dear to the public.

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