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Where is the ID number? Find out now!

Although it is a standard document for the daily lives of Brazilians, it is quite common for many people not to know exactly where the RG number is located in the Identity Card. In addition, the card has several points with numbers and other information that, in a way, end up confusing citizens, especially younger people who are issuing the document for the first time.

With that in mind, here we separate more information about where the RG number is and how easy it is to find it. In this way, new confusions will hardly occur when requesting the same.

What this article covers:

Where is the ID number?

As much as it is a little confusing, knowing where the RG number is is not a difficult question. Having the document in hand, just check the side of the Identity Card where your information is, such as full name, etc. Your real ID number is located at the top of this side, above the name of the holder of the document.

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In this place, the numbering will be next to the written acronym RG, or the name to which it refers, which is General Registry. If you prefer, the citizen can also consult the document number online, through the Meu INSS website and application, which has several registration data of the interested person.

What is the size of the RG number?

Usually, the RG number is composed of 7 digits, without containing a check digit (number separated by a dash), however, some Brazilian states have different numbers, since by law each State can issue the document in the way it deems most appropriate.

In this way, even if you know where the RG number is, on some occasion it may be that the number is different from the usual one, and may even contain a check digit.

For example, in the state of São Paulo, the RG has about 9 numbers, while in Rio Grande do Sul, the numbering consists of 8 digits. Although there is currently no standardization, the Federal Government the implementation of a new RG has already started, which will make the numbering of the document totally standard, at national level, in the next 10 years.

Is it possible to change the ID number?

In addition to knowing where the RG number is, it is important to be aware that, if you issue an Identity Card in a State, that number remains in force, no matter how many copies of the document are issued. However, as each state federation has its own way of issuing, a citizen can have different RG numbers.

It is possible to change the ID number
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In fact, what the person will have are two RGs, each from a different state. Although this type of situation should only be done in extremely urgent cases, such as, for example, when a citizen moves to another state and needs a new document, nothing prevents him from having RGs throughout the country.

What is the color of the ID number?

After knowing where the RG number is, it is possible for a person to get confused by a small aspect of the number in question: its color. Although currently the standard is for the number to be colored black, there are also documents where they are inserted in red color, and this is once again due to the issue of the document being done in different ways in the Brazilian states, with each one having different procedures. .

Now that you know where the RG number is and its appearance variations in the document, it shouldn’t be difficult to find it if you are in a rush situation and need to present the numbering. In addition, it is also important to memorize it, further facilitating the entire process that requires this documentation.

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