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Where does the ivory come from?

How is ivory obtained?

The word ivory (mar-al-fil) comes from Arabic and means elephant bone, and it is a hard, compact and white material, whose hue is becoming more yellowish over the years; This is obtained mainly from the teeth or incisors known as fangs.

Where is the ivory mined?

African elephants, as well as other species listed with ivory, are protected by international law through CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), which regulates international trade in their parts.

How much does a kilo of ivory cost?

A kilo of ivory powder (known in Africa as ‘white gold’) has an estimated value of approximately 45,000 euros, more than the price of a kilo of cocaine, and some animal traffickers are paying up to 70,000 euros.

How is ivory extracted from elephants?

The Ivory concept comes from the Arabic al-malfil, derived from azm al-fil, which is “elephant bone”. It is applied only to the tusks of the elephant and from those immense dental pieces such highly valued material is extracted that, carved, it is used as highly elegant ornamentation.

What do they do with the ivory tusks?

On the other hand, the most voluminous pieces are used to carve billiard balls, piano keys, certain bathroom items and decorations such as for classroom or dining room tables. Whole tusks of ivory are the perfect setting for African and European artisans to carve luscious figures that some have historical accounts.

What is ivory and what is it used for?

1. M. Hard, thick and white matter of which the teeth of vertebrates are mainly formed, which in the crown is covered by enamel and in the root by cementum. In industry, the tusks of elephants are used, as well as for the manufacture of numerous objects.

Why is ivory so expensive?

Since the Holocene, the non-presence of elephants outside of Africa and South Asia made ivory a luxury product traded over long distances. Unlike beautiful metals or precious stones, recycling or monetary use is complicated, which simplifies its conservation as an original piece.

How much does ivory cost on the black market?

The value of ivory on the black market feeds criminal gangs and poachers. The price of ivory has doubled in the last eight years, reaching more than 3,000 dollars per kilo.

How much does an elephant’s tusk cost?

€5,000 The elephant is an animal cataloged with a high degree of protection in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Vegetation. The Civic Jailer has intervened in Sabadell (Barça) two elephant tusks that a private individual had for sale online for €5,000.

How much does an elephant tusk cost in the black market?:

In the black market, the tusks of elephants can have a price of up to 2,840 dollars per kilo of ivory.

How much does an ivory weigh?

How much does a kilo of ivory cost?
The density of the ivory fluctuates between 1.75 and 1.90 g/cm³.

What is made from the tusks of the elephant?

How is ivory extracted from elephants?
The identification of elephant ivory is of special interest as it is in great demand throughout the world such as for the manufacture of bargains, sculptures and carved jewellery. African elephant populations have been decimated by poaching to feed this very market.

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