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When will the full moon and new moon be in August 2022: what effects will they have

After the new moon on July 28, the cycle of our natural satellite restarted giving way to another lunar month culminating in the full moon of August.

The phases with the greatest astrological weight are those that mark the beginning and the end, when the universe gives us the opportunity to start projects with renewed spirits and release or eliminate the things that we do not want to continue to be part of our lives, respectively.

New moons are ideal to manifest what we want to attract: love, prosperity, abundance, a new job, etc., while full moons represent the perfect time to reflect, reap the fruits of our efforts and correct what is necessary, and how it is the phase where it is most illuminated is when it emanates its greatest energy.

Know when the new and full moon will be in August to have the opportunity to plan ahead for your wishes and goals.

Full Moon – August 11

On Thursday, August 11, the full moon known as the Sturgeon Moon will take place.. According to The Farmer’s Almanac, Native American cultures named it that way because it marks the time of year when it is easier to catch sturgeon, a large fish capable of feeding a family.

Astrologically, this full moon, which by the way will be the last supermoon of the year, occurs in the sign of Aquarius so we will have a need for freedom and be progressive. It will be a time when we will see our emotions and passions more objectively. According to Bustle, the energy of this air sign on the moon will inspire us to be true to our feelings.

New Moon – August 27

The opportunity to plant the seeds of beginnings, establish intentions, ideas and projects will come on Saturday August 27 with the new moon in Virgo. It is a mystical and powerful lunation that will help us purify the old and remove excess mental/spiritual baggage to make room for new insights and more wisdom.

This will be the ideal time to set productive goals, create new healthy habits, and organize our lives. It should be noted that this lunation prepares the ground to say goodbye to summer.

What other astrological events await us in August?

Although lunations are the most striking astral events of the month, they are not the only ones that will affect the coming weeks.

On Monday, August 1, an unprecedented aspect will occur in our era. Mars will be in conjunction with Uranus and the lunar North Node, so it is expected that an unexpected impulse will reach us towards our destiny.

On Thursday, August 4, Mercury will enter Virgo, when we will have the opportunity to manifest ourselves with more emotional control; On August 8, the astrological alignment known as the Lion’s Gate Portal occurs, which represents the approach of the star Sirius, the spiritual sun, to Earth.

August 22 begins the season of Virgo and gives us the opportunity to cleanse, heal and organize our lives; on August 24 Uranus will turn retrograde in Taurus and on August 25 Mercury will enter Libra.

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