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When to cut your hair in 2023, according to the lunar calendar

The Moon has a greater influence on the human body than we could imagine, to the point of marking us when is the best time to go to the stylist for a haircutchange of look or apply a treatment for growth.

In astrology, our natural satellite is one of the most important stars in the astral chart because the lunar sign teaches us how we express our feelings and our internal personality.

This star is in charge of controlling the tides, so it is not uncommon to think that if it is capable of influencing the sea, why not the human body if it is made up mostly of water. Under this logic, there are phases that are more prone to cutting hair than others.

How to use the phases of the moon for hair growth?

full moon

The full moon is the perfect time to nourish the body and therefore the hair, according to astrologers, so it is the ideal phase to cut your hair and you want stronger roots and have a long hair.

The full moons of 2023 will occur on the following dates: January 6, February 5, March 7, April 6, May 5, June 4, July 3, August 1, August 31, September 29 , October 28, November 27 and December 27.

waning moon

The waning moon symbolizes detachment or liberation, so it is not the best time to go to the stylist if you want your hair to grow fast. However, It is ideal for those who want a long-lasting hairstyle, according to Glamor review on its online site. For example, for women who like short hair styles.

The waning moons of 2023 will be on: January 14, February 13, March 14, April 13, May 12, June 10, July 9, August 8, September 6, October 6, November and December 5.

Crescent moon

Contrary to the waning moon, there is the waxing phase, which, as its name indicates, means to build and grow. If you want your hair to grow fastercut it in this phase as it stimulates hair growth and beauty.

The crescent moons of 2023 will be on January 28, February 27, March 28, April 27, May 27, June 26, July 25, August 24, September 22, October 22, November 20 and December 19.

New Moon

In new moon phases hair takes longer to grow, however, is the best time to apply a treatment and only cut the ends because the new moon will make your hair look healthy and shiny.

The new moons of 2023 will be on: January 21, February 20, March 21, April 19, May 19, June 18, July 17, August 16, September 15, October 14, November and December 12.

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