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When to change the potted plant?

Gardening is considered one of the most enjoyable hobbies for those who enjoy nature. In addition to exploring the refinements of landscaping, it is necessary to be concerned with the fundamental factors for the healthy plant growthsuch as lighting, watering and fertilizer.

When the pot becomes too small for the plant, it needs to be replaced. (Photo: Disclosure)

There comes a time in plant life in which the container where it was grown becomes too small. Space limitations hinder the development of physiological systems.

When changing pots, the plant finds favorable conditions to expand its roots and raise the number of biomass. If handling happens correctly, your growth will happen in a healthy and constant way.

What this article covers:

When to change the potted plant?

The plant usually gives some tips when it’s time to change containers. Their roots come out from underneath or begin to point at the surface of the earth. It also starts to produce few flowers, in addition to small and defective leaves.

The most suitable time for make the pot change it is the beginning of spring, since during the season the plants enter a state of important inactivity.

At the time to make the vase change it is important to be very careful, after all, a small cut in one of the main roots can result in irreversible damage.

The plant usually gives signals when it needs a larger container to grow in. (Photo: Disclosure)

Step by step to change the potted plant

Check below how change the potted plant correctly🇧🇷

1. Clean the new vase. If it’s ceramic or clay, dip it in a tank of water to remove all the dirt.

2. At the bottom of the pot, place expanded clay for drainage. Then add a layer of sand. Finish with a earth compostwhich can be found for sale in the main gardening stores.

3. After preparing the new pot, remove the plant from the small container. If there are difficulties in removal, run a knife between the pot and the lump.

4. Gently pull the plant out of the pot, taking care not to cause damage.

When repotting the plant, it is important to be careful not to damage the root ball. (Photo: Disclosure)

5. Place the clod of the plant right in the center of the new vase. Spread some more compost inside the container.

6. Gently tap the potted plant to eliminate air bubbles.

7. To finish, press the surface layer with your hands.

8. Water the plant until water starts to leak from underneath.

tips and care

• A plant must be removed from the pot with a little soil to suffer less with the replanting process.

• The night before removing the plant from the pot, it is important to water it carefully.

• If the plant does not come out of the pot, it will be necessary to break the container.

• It is essential to respect the needs of each plant species🇧🇷

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