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When to buy plane tickets? the ‘travel hacker’ has the answer • ENTER.CO

Many times when we plan our vacations, we find that plane tickets are too expensive. This is why at ENTER.CO we compiled the tips that Yan Stavisski, a tiktoker who calls himself a “travel hacker”, has shared in his videos. By following these tips, you can buy airline tickets at lower rates, according to Stavisski.

Stavisski, better known on social media as @Kingcredit explains that travelers who buy their tickets online should pay close attention to the day and time the purchase will be made. “The cheapest flights are Tuesday at 12 in the morning until Wednesday at 11 at night. The most expensive ones leave from Thursday at 12 in the morning to Saturday at 12 at night”, he assures in one of his videos of “travel advice that 99% of people do not know”.

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On the other hand, the travel expert advises users not to leave a trace of the sites they visit when searching. He maintains that he uses a VPN with which he searches for tickets and other services that he requires on his trips. Keep in mind that VPNs hide your IP address as well as your real location, which Stavisski says saves money: “Use a VPN from another country when you book flights to save a lot.””, affirms the tiktoker.

Kingcredit also recommends an app called Skiplagged with which you can book “legs of travel” on connecting flights, which are “cheaper.” Finally, make a series of additional tips that can also reduce the cost of tickets for your vacation:

  • Travel on days of less demand.
  • Flights with connection / fly to a city and then take another means of transport.
  • Keep in mind the trip as soon as possible.
  • Buy tour packages.

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