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When is the right time to do an astrology reading?

Many answers about the destiny of a human being are lodged in their birth chart waiting to be interpreted by an expert.

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Going with an astrologer obeys the need to try to interpret something that is not understood internally because it is not even clearly seen, but at the same time that produces a feeling of discomfort or search and the answer may only be found in an astral reading.

For those who have never requested such a reading and have felt the need to resort to one for a long time, it is advisable to do so, because it is likely that there is something that your soul is looking for. and demand to be interpreted by someone else.

Now, there are some key moments to achieve a better interpretation of all the baggage of information added to any natal chart.


The day a person completes one more year of life is also known to mean his solar return, that is, when the sun returns to the natal location in his chart.

Astrologers point out that, at that time, people’s energy is boosted and said transit can make them feel radiant.

Trying to interpret an astral chart during a name day provides the opportunity to know what types of energies a person will work with in the coming year.

In this way, an astrologer could help you visualize potential dangers or points to strengthen to be successful in the objectives that you set for yourself.

return of saturn

When a human being experiences or is reaching the age of 30, it means that Saturn returns to its original location in their birth chart.

Because this planet is linked to karma, discipline and restriction, the return of Saturn can mark a time for a person to see their life more clearly and take responsibility for their actions with respect to the universe.

Uranus opposition

People say that, Around the age of 42, most human beings experience direct opposition from Uranus and may experience a crisis of faith. and even an internal struggle, so they demand a greater need for knowledge about their origin and destiny.

However, Said confrontation can also occur during what is called the “Night of Darkness of the Soul”.“, which can occur at any age, as it is often triggered by a traumatic event. Suddenly a person begins to feel dissatisfied with his life and demands help.

It is at such times when a birth chart reading could be of great help.

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