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When is the best time to make moon water, according to astrologers

Moon water is the result of a simple ritual consisting of channel the energy of our natural satellite in a container with this liquid. According to astrologers, this spiritual tool has various benefits and multiple applications, but do you know in which phase it is best to do it?

If you don’t know what moonwater is, it’s as simple as it sounds. It is water that has been placed under the lunar rays to “receive” its energy. If your intention is to drink it to “physically absorb” the lunar energy, use drinking water, if you will use it for any other intention, just use tap water, an ocean, a river, etc.

How to make moon water and what to use it on?

The ritual is very simple. Just fill a container with water and place it at night under the moonlight. You remove it the next morning before the sun rises and that’s it.

This water can be used to use in any of your rituals. For example, you put it in an atomizer and spray it in a room to release its energy in a space, also to anoint your candles and drink it when you want your manifestations to be more powerful.

When is the best time to make moon water?

Although any night is good to do this ritual because the Moon is always present, astrologers agree that it is most powerful when done on nights with a full moonas discussed in an article in My Imperfect Life.

As for the benefits of moon water, they say that it helps to connect deeply with our most emotional and intuitive being, issues that astrologically govern the Earth’s natural satellite, give us clarity in our intentions, help us to manifest more easily and build stronger relationships. healthy.

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