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When does Stranger Things 5 ​​come back/release? • ENTER.CO

Many are waiting to see Stranger Things 5, but how long will we have to wait for it to arrive on Netflix?

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Next we will give spoilers for Stranger Things 4 and possible spoilers for Stranger Things 5

Well… Stranger Things 4 is over. And that feeling in your chest is the feeling of not knowing what to watch now.

The fourth season of the Netflix show also closed with an impressive hook. Although the group managed to ‘stop’ Vecna, the villain achieved his goal in the end: to open a portal to the Other Side that will allow him to invade this dimension. The last image of the show is quite apocalyptic, with Will touching his neck (something that usually means bad news in any season).

The clock is ticking and the boys have their next mission clear: eliminate Vecna ​​permanently. But how? And more importantly: when?

When does Stranger Things 5 ​​come back/release?

First thing: we won’t have to wait that long for the return of the show. Or at least that’s the promise the Duffer brothers have made. Season 3 premiered in 2019 and we had to wait three years for a continuation. To be fair to them, the most recent season is considerably longer than any previous one. Not only this, but the recording of the show was carried out in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which meant an additional production period that delayed the release of the series by at least a year.

Now: Stranger Things 5 ​​hasn’t started shooting. We know that the series has the green light from the studio and that the Duffer brothers have already presented the plot of the final season to the platform executives. But (at least as far as we know) the show hasn’t started production yet. If what we know is true, then the series is scheduled to start production at the end of this year, beginning of the next.

What does this mean? That being optimistic we could have Stranger Things 5 ​​in 2023, but the most realistic thing is that the show returns in 2024 for its final season.

Will Stranger Things 5 ​​have two volumes?

Nothing official. But almost certainly yes.

Netflix has found that with its most popular stories, an alternative to binge-watching is to release episodes in two batches. It’s a way to keep the show’s conversation going and keep the audience on the edge of their seats, but not completely break its promise that users can ‘stream’ the shows for which they’re paying for the service. In fact, don’t be surprised if the first part of Stranger Things 5 ​​is separated by entire months.

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