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when and how it is paid, who is entitled and more than you need to know

In the month of November it is quite common for part of the Brazilian population to be waiting for the thirteenth salary, which is a benefit given to all workers who are formalized in the country. However, the benefit still raises many doubts in people, whether for the amount they will receive, when and how the payment will occur.

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What is the 13th salary: guaranteed right of the Brazilian worker

The thirteenth salary was created in 1962 through Law 4090. According to this law, in December of each year, every worker must receive a certain wage bonus from the employer, regardless of the remuneration to which they are entitled.

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This bonus certifies that, for each month worked, workers have the right to receive an extra amount corresponding to 1/12 of their salary during the corresponding year.

Who is entitled to the 13th salary?

As it is a benefit of workers who are formalized in Brazil, the thirteenth salary must be paid to all those who have a record in their work card, whether rural, urban, domestic or even single workers.

Anyone who has worked for a period of 15 days or more during this year is entitled to receive a bonus that is commensurate with the time worked.

How is the worker’s 13th salary paid?

Payment of the thirteenth salary can be made either in a single installment, which must be paid by November 30th, or in two installments, where one will be paid between February 1st and November 30th and the last one by 20th of December.

In cases where the deadline ends up coinciding with a holiday or Sunday, payment will be made in advance on the last working day before the deadline.

How is the 13th salary paid to retirees and pensioners?

Retirees and pensioners are also entitled to the thirteenth salary, however, it is known as an annual allowance and its payment term through the INSS may vary.

In the year 2020, the federal government published a decree in which it said that, every year, this benefit must be paid in two installments, where the first will be made together with the August benefit and the second part with the values ​​of the month. from November.

How to calculate the value of the 13th salary?

The amount to be paid in the thirteenth salary would be the result of the worker’s gross salary divided by 12 and also multiplied by the number of months he worked. This amount already deducts the contribution to the INSS and Income Tax, in the same way as it happens in the payment of the monthly salary.

In addition, there is also the possibility of discounting installments that refer to collective contributions and alimony in cases where there was a prior agreement.

13th salary: Brazilian economy (how year-end purchases heat up and how much is injected into the economy)

It is quite common for some Brazilians to use their Christmas bonus to buy Christmas presents or pay off debts. However, there are many people who end up investing a part of this resource.

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