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WhatsApp will now have a list of participants who have left a group • ENTER.CO

At least three months ago, WhatsApp announced that they were working on a function that allows you to leave a group without notifying the rest of the members. Now, WABetainfo details that this option will be available soon but it will not be as perfect as you think. If you can leave the group without being noticed, but you will be blacklisted from the group.

The new function will allow you to check which members have been part of that group conversation before. To do this, members will be able to access the chat information page. At the moment, this option is already available in the beta versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android, so we should see the feature in the final version in the coming weeks or months.


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As reported by the portal, the function can be seen by entering the group information and in the participants section. In this section a new button will appear called ‘See previous participants’: when you press it you will see the contacts who previously participated in the chat, but left. However, the feature will have one restriction, it will only show contacts who have left groups in the previous 60 days. In addition to the fact that only the notice that someone left the conversation will be visible to administrators.

At the moment, the application is still working on other functions that go beyond groups, which are expected to arrive in the coming months with the new function announced. Among the new possibilities is that of editing messages once they have been sent, this for lovers of spelling and good writing or for those who regret it at the last minute. Although to be honest, when this function arrives, the option to ‘delete messages for all’ will lose its meaning.

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