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WhatsApp will have date search for messages • ENTER.CO

A search by date of messages, this is the new feature that is coming to the WhatsApp application. This feature is one of the most anticipated by users.

Although this feature had been announced earlier in 2020, it was ultimately not included in the update on that date. It is common for developers to abandon some features for different reasons, in the case of WhatsApp it is rare. At that time, it was striking that they had abandoned this feature, which is highly anticipated by users because of how it improves the search for messages.

Now the Beta version of the popular messaging platform shows this feature for the near future. As revealed by WABetainfo, this feature will come in the update of the iOS beta version. Now, what transpired was that it was possible to know that the search by date of the messages can be done when entering each individual or group chat.

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There you can do the search by clicking on the calendar icon that is located above the keyboard. The month will be displayed where you can choose the day, month and year, so the application will only show the messages sent on that date. Of course, this feature brings new updates for the application and an improvement for the use of the platform by users. Getting messages by date can be especially useful when the message didn’t get highlighted or when you can’t remember a keyword to search for it.

This update for WhatsApp joins the others that are related to privacy and content control that are being carried out on the platform. The massive use of WhatsApp as a method of communication makes it an app in high demand by users, who are very aware of its updates.

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