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WhatsApp will have additional protection against theft attempts • ENTER.CO

The WhatsApp platform is preparing additional levels of additional protection against attempts to steal user accounts.

The company’s purpose is to further limit the scope of attacks such as SIM Swapping with which hackers obtain two-step authentication codes. From now on, the user will be able to act diligently to prevent theft. For this, additional information is being made available, as well as an opportunity to reinforce account security.

We recently learned that it will soon be possible to have the same WhatsApp account on two cell phones. Now, when we try to move the account to a new phone, we will have the possibility to get more data and do something extra about it to protect the account. Currently the system works in such a way that if someone tries to use your number to register, you receive a notification on your cell phone with the registration code. Until then you can not do anything else, because if that person has a duplicate of your SIM he will also receive that code.

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With the new update with which WhatsApp will have additional protection, what will happen is that in addition to the message, another notification will arrive that will indicate: “Your phone number is no longer registered in WhatsApp on this phone.” In this case you can press a button called “Verify” and write the verification code. Of course, the system has its flaws. For this reason, WhatsApp is working to make it more efficient, or at least allow the user to be more active in this process.

The purpose is that the user can approve from their session if the account is moved to the new device. In this case, information is provided that reminds us of the importance of backup copies to migrate to the other phone with all the chats. In addition, for security the user will have to confirm if from “Transfer and delete”. This will erase the information from the old phone.

At the same time, if the transfer is not allowed, there will be a “Stay on this phone” option. This will notify you that someone tried to register our number. Therefore, we will have the option to add more security with the two-step verification configuration. So even if they have the verification code, they won’t be able to use your account.

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