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WhatsApp will allow you to hide the ‘online’ • ENTER.CO

WhatsApp continues to work on new features to improve the user experience within its platform. After WABeta Info leaked that the application will soon allow editing of sent messages, now the portal revealed that the connection status is also preparing to receive some changes. According to the media, the app will allow the status of a user to be hidden when they are online.

Engadget confirmed the information, assuring that the tool aims to provide greater privacy in the use of the service, by allowing you to choose those contacts who can or cannot see the status of a user.

At the moment, the new feature is not available even for beta users, as it is under development. However, according to the portal, it will arrive in a future update of the app and will be enabled for its version of iOS, Android and desktop.

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“Over the years, many users have requested the ability to hide their status online. There can be different reasons why people want to use WhatsApp in incognito mode: for example, some want to use WhatsApp without being disturbed by other people, or because they feel harassed by someone. They maintain from WABeta, also ensuring that said option began to be designed from 2021.

The function will have two modes of use. The first allows you to disable “online” for all contacts; the second, only for «the same as ‘last seen’/’last seen’. This last mode refers to the scenario where a user configures his last connection so that only some contacts can see it, since the contacts that are in that same list are the ones who will not be able to see when that user is online.

WhatsApp has not revealed the date when it will launch its new feature, but it is expected to arrive before the end of 2022.

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