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What’s the trend for summer 2023?

It’s summer, I don’t know! 2023 has arrived and with it what is considered the best time of the year for Brazilians: summer! In it, the trends for 2023 they come with a lot of pink, rhinestones and a full skirt to impress Greeks and Trojans in looks that will leave anyone with their mouths open!

However, make no mistake, it is possible to create baphonic combinations that are far from normal, bringing glamor or wearing a bikini to the beach or club without losing that subtle touch that makes all the difference! Furthermore, it is worth noting that many trends from the early 2000s are returning to shop windows and bodies.

So stay tuned that today we will bring the main trends for 2023!

Pink, rhinestones and a flared skirt: From the 2000s to the trends for 2023

In our introduction, we said that trends from the early 2000s are making a comeback and you can already see this on beaches and clubs everywhere. In fact, many singers and influencers are already letting this new trend flourish, as is the case with singer Wanessa Camargo, who no longer lets go of pink!

And in addition, the singer Luísa Sonza also stands out for the constant presence of pink in her looks in addition to the use of stones.

So, see a little more about it below.

Pink please, very pink

Image: Playback/Instagram

This summer 2023, the Barbiecorewhich is the tendency to use shades of pink in all parts of the look, comes back with everything to impress men and women. It is even present not only in clothes but also in accessories and varied pieces to bring an innovative look.

And in addition, it is worth noting that this year we will also have the premiere of the film “Barbie“, which will have Margot Robbie as the protagonist and has everything to win even more fans. Including the company pantene also bet on pink in its campaign this year!

However, if you don’t like the color very much but want to integrate it into your look, it is possible to incorporate small pieces with the shade of pink!

For example, you can use bracelets, earrings and rings. Or, use a tonal bag! In addition, how about changing just the laces of your sneakers?

That way, you can bet on different ways to introduce pink into your look, without having to just wear clothes!

The gemstone comes with everything!

Since the early 2000s, the rhinestone stones stand out for bringing that light and subtle glow that makes the difference in any look! This year, he returns once again to show that he didn’t come for a walk but to make a difference from the most classic to the most laid-back look!

Including, who doesn’t remember the singer Avril Lavigne who didn’t leave the pebbles aside?

In the meantime, it is also worth remembering that singers Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus can’t do without a necklace with stones and a neat outfit with rhinestones.

In short, creativity is the key to the success of any look regardless of your choice! That’s because, there’s nothing out of standard!

From little girl to big woman: Come skirt round

Image: Playback/Instagram

First of all, she leaves any other look in the slipper if used the right way! Therefore, the round skirt brings that little girl look without leaving aside the big woman inside you!

In this sense, one of the trends from the early 2000s that is making a comeback is the flared skirt and flared silhouette. After years of oversized and more deconstructed looks, the flared skirt is back in a more modern way.

It is possible to use it with a mini length, or bet on several other heights: either in the shorter ones, with that tennis footprint, or in skirts at shin height.

Comes in cycling shorts and a T-shirt

And you thought we were already leaving? No no! It should also be mentioned that one of the trends for 2023 and the cycling shorts and t-shirt!

In the summer, Brazilians try to opt for lighter and more relaxed clothes and this is the proposal for those who choose to wear cycling shorts and a T-shirt.

However, to give a more elegant touch, you can use a button on the shirt! Soon, your look will be a scandal!

return of the jeans

Ever since, the jeans never went out of style and there is no doubt about that! However, it has become one of the main trends for 2023once again, for innovating!

This year, jeans on jeans are back with a bang! That is, you can wear jeans with a denim jacket or choose to wear a denim jumpsuit or dress! No matter what you choose, you will be in fashion!

However, if you don’t like to keep up with fashion at full speed and prefer a more vintage look, there’s nothing that compares with jeans, right?

Going against the trend of miniskirts, the denim trend brings back shorts. Longer, with a higher waist and more comfortable!

Plus, it has new denim versions that suit women of all ages. It can even be paired with sneakers and a cropped top.

From cinderella to a fashion trend

For those who love to wear sneakers, one of the trends for 2023 is round toe shoes!

Right after the series “Wandinha” returned to stand out on the catwalks, being a sure bet for this summer! So, a tip is to choose a more open model, with thin strips!

However, it is also possible to use the famous and darling crocs, but in the platform version! It’s worth remembering that it became the most used by generation Z!

In short, now that we have brought the main trends for 2023it just got a lot easier to stay in fashion this summer!

However, remember that above any fashion tip, the ideal is to maintain your identity! So, bet on what makes you feel good without caring what others think! So what about you? What will be your bet for summer 2023 and which of these trends did you most like to see this year?

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