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what’s the difference and which one is better?

Moderninha is the best-selling card machine in the Brazilian market. It belongs to PagSeguro and offers its customers four models, with different functionalities.

Getnet, on the other hand, has gained prominence in the national market. It is currently configured as the main competitor of the moderninha, with three models available.

So, placed side by side, which machine is superior? And what are the main differences between the models? Check below the comparison between Getnet and Moderninha.

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What is the difference between Getnet and Moderninha?

The two machines, Getnet and Moderninha, have many similar points, such as 24-hour customer service, but focus on unique features in an attempt to attract specific audiences and stand out in the market.

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The operation of competitors is similar and both meet the basics, which is to allow purchases with cards, whether credit or debit. Both models accept the main flags, however this range is even greater in Moderninha. In the technical part of the device, PagSeguro’s product also has an advantage.

Fees are charged in both cases, but prices are better at Getnet. This is the differential that the company is betting on to try to attract the public’s attention and compete with Moderninha for the market. The possibility of renting the machine, with a monthly fee and guaranteed maintenance, is also a company differential in relation to other models. PagSeguro??

Which is the best machine between GetNet and Moderninha?

After the analysis, defining the best option between Getnet and Moderninha depends on the priority and reality of those who want to request the service. The two models have their strengths, and weaknesses as well, in addition to clear differences. It depends on the preference of the interested party!

Which is the best machine between GetNet and Moderninha

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Moderninha comes out ahead when it comes to technical and system quality. The technology of the PagSeguro machines is the best found in the country today. They satisfy even the most demanding customers and have access to the most diverse brands and cards as their strong point.

Getnet stands out for the option of renting its machines. In addition, it is an excellent option for those looking for a model with good quality and lower transaction fees. If you are that person, then Getnet could be a great option!

How to order machines?

To request your machine, at any of the selling companies mentioned here, you must enter their respective websites and show interest in the purchase, in addition to informing basic personal data and address for delivery. In the case of Getnet, it is possible to register and ask for your machine for rent, with a monthly fee that entitles you to maintenance and full support from the company.

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