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What’s New in Weddings 2015

Find out what are the What’s New in Weddings 2015🇧🇷 Every year there are trends and novelties for wedding parties. Ideas are renewed or give way to others and weddings become more and more different over the years. The great success of current weddings has been the customization of every detail, that is, everything just like the bride and groom! After all, nowadays, having an original wedding party that surprises everyone is the wish of all newlyweds. Stay on top of wedding news for 2015 and unite your ideas with the innovation of these trends that guarantee a great result from beginning to end.

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What’s New in 2015 Wedding Parties – Weddings in 2015 bring a lot of news and trends (Photo: Disclosure)

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What’s New in Weddings 2015

Some brides continue with the dress at the wedding party, others use a smaller version of the dress or even exchange it for another one. Lightweight fabrics were successful in 2014 and will continue to be popular next year. The lace stands out and the compositions of the dress revolve around minimalism. Some shiny details highlight the more elaborate cuts, the “illusion neckline” gains more prominence, with appliqués and details that cover the bride’s neck. The adored strapless straps are out of the picture, giving way to dresses with drooping sleeves and shoulders that give a romantic tone.

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The photo shoots done before the wedding with a different style promise to be the big bet for weddings in 2015 (Photo: Disclosure)

The aerial decorative pieces are successful in any style of wedding, at parties they give an effect of sophistication. Mini weddings also gain a lot of attention because they are a more intimate idea of ​​​​a wedding and wedding party where the chosen location is the bride and groom’s own home, if not a very cozy restaurant.

In 2015 it will be common to see more than one cake for the bride and groom. They come to further enhance the celebration, along with personalized and creative chocolates. The traditional brigadeiro is back on the scene redesigned with new flavors, textures and even the way it is presented, but without losing its original character.

Wedding booths are a great idea for the party to be even more fun.

The dance rehearsed by the bride and groom and presented at the wedding party, usually at the beginning to open the dance floor, is one of the wedding party news 2015 that has been gaining strength and makes this special moment relaxed and fun. There is also the fun idea of ​​a “dance battle” between the bride and her bridesmaids/friends and the groom and his groomsmen/friends as in this video:


Modernity in weddings 2015

The thematic photo shoot done before the wedding and placed in different places of the party in the decoration is an idea that has been gaining a lot of space. When taken by a quality photographer connected to trends, the photos are able to capture the essence of the couple, from their different personalities to their similar peculiarities.

In doubt between classic and modern? Merge the two styles! The union of the classic with the modern, bringing the two together through the significant details of each composition, gives an interesting result that is very fashionable. Speaking of modernity, the wedding apps or website are of great help in disclosing and organizing all the details of the ceremony and party.

Many brides are making their invitations by hand, whether in full or in some details (Photo: Disclosure)

With the bride and groom website, it is possible to create a wedding list with gifts, do crowdfunding online or disclose how much has already been collected for the couple’s trip and so on. Not to mention that after the party the website can be the place where all the photos and videos are released to the guests.

What’s New in Weddings 2015

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