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What zodiac signs forget their friends when they start a relationship

Love is a priority for some zodiac signs, who may be able toe displace their friends while they are in a relationship. According to astrology, these signs forget their friends almost instantly when they get involved in romantic affairs as they plan their lives based on their conquest.

In a relationship, especially at the beginning of it, it is common for us to spend more time with our partner because falling in love is a stage that we love to enjoy and, at the same time, we use to strengthen the connection with the new partner.

However, it is normal that we look for friends to share happiness and advise us, they are the ones who usually return us to earth. However, these zodiac signs completely forget they exist and they can take weeks and even months to show signs of life again. Who are these signs? PinkVilla.com revealed it in an article.

Aries people tend to overlook their friends when they get involved in a relationship, as part of his personality is selfish, stubborn and inflexible. “No matter how hard their friends try to stay connected to them, they will always turn their backs and ignore them,” he commented in the review.

When Taurus begins a love relationship, they tend to ignore their closest friends because they like to spend more time with their lover. He puts a lot of distance in between and ignores the calls of his friends when he is with the couple. As a sign ruled by Venus, prioritize the pleasures of lifeThat is why he prefers to satisfy his romantic needs before his friends.

It is one of the most sensitive signs of the Zodiac, so when he starts an affair he tends to quickly forget about his friends. His world revolves around his partner, hurting the emotions of his friends because from being the protective friend, he becomes an absent friend.

Leo is the zodiac sign most likely to be self-centered. It’s all about him and because he has the full attention of his partner, he can’t see past her. From his perspective, his friends are the ones who walked away from him and that is why he took refuge in the arms of his love, but the reality is that since their relationship began, they left their friendship ties in the background.

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