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What zodiac signs do the most fit women belong to?

Astrology can influence how athletic we are and if we talk about the most fit women, there are signs of the zodiac that are characterized by having enough energy to exercise every day of the week.

Regardless of the taste for sports, zodiac women who are more fit look for any physical activity to keep body and mind healthy. It doesn’t matter if they have to sacrifice hours of sleep or resist the urge to throw themselves on the couch after a tiring day at work; They drop pretexts and take action.

And it is that the motivation that moves us could depend on our planetary influence, and the women who belong to this ranking, prepared by the astrologer Susan Taylor in Astrofame, have an athletic personality that is motivated by the results of exercise.

As the fire sign that heads the zodiac and ruled by Mars, the planet of action, Aries is the most active sign. They are adrenaline junkies and have a serious spirit of competition. They are warriors capable of challenging themselves, plus they enjoy anything that gets their heart rate up.

The challenge of achieving a goal is what motivates Leo women. It can be the physical image they want to achieve after long exercise sessions, winning a competition, being the best at something or simply attracting attention. Whatever the engine that drives them, they channel their desires with physical activity.

The best way that Scorpio women find to release all the emotions that they accumulate is through exercise. They have a strong temperament that they can moderate with physical activity, in addition, they have great mental strengththis allows them to get up from the couch on Sunday afternoons to go to the gym or run outside.

Exercise is an integral part of her life because of the simple fact that she can’t sit still. The Sagittarius woman needs physical activity to stay optimisticIn addition, he loves to feel the adrenaline, so it is common for him to practice extreme sports.

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