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What zodiac signs do not believe in love, according to astrologers

If you know people who refuse to fall in love and run away from everything associated with romantic relationships, it may be due to their horoscope. According to astrology, there are signs of the zodiac that do not believe that love is realrather an illusion that is broken when you are hurt.

The zodiac signs work with the energy of the planets, celestial bodies that influence how we perceive reality and react to different circumstances in life, such as love.

The first bad romantic experience of these signs is what possibly motivated this negative tendency towards love. They felt the deep wounds left by heartbreak and they don’t want to suffer for someone again like they did in the past.

What zodiac signs are those who do not believe in love?

He never expects anything good from a romantic opportunity.. When he goes out on a date he expects to be disappointed and to prevent his heart from being hurt, he protects himself by limiting his emotions and building a wall so high that it is almost impossible to overcome.

Scorpio doesn’t want to appear sensitive because they know they are. He loves with intensity and passion, however, to get to that point he must work himself to open his heart. He must remember that, in love, although you lose, you also win and it is worth fighting for.

Romantic sensations make you nervous because they reveal what is inside you, that’s why struggles to listen more to his head than to his heartand when someone wants to spend more time with him, he distances himself.

Capricorn is a practical sign that thinks logically, however, if there is one thing about love, it may not be so logical. What’s smart about putting other people’s needs before your own? If you want to open up to love, you must first break down your emotional insecurities.

When he has suffered a heartbreak, Taurus padlocks his heart. A bad experience taught him that it is easy to love the wrong person and You don’t want to go through that same situation again.

Taurus tells himself that he is not foolish enough to trip over the same stone twice. That’s why it takes him a long time to move forward in a relationship. The key with this sign is patience.

This list of the signs that do not believe in love is based on an article from Collective World.

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