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What zodiac signs are those who marry after 40 years

The natal chart can help you predict when you’re likely to get married, and while an astrologer’s interpretation is needed to dig deeper, your Sun sign can give you an idea. In this sense, there are 3 signs that are more likely to marry after the age of 40.

According to their planetary characteristics, there are signs that are eager to get married and start a family, such as Cancer, for whom home life and security are important parts of their routine.

Other signs that can marry young are Taurus and Capricorn, if they have been in a serious relationship with their partner for a few years. For both, traditions are important so the idea of ​​marriage does not scare them.

However, on the opposite side are signs trying to put off getting down the aisle for as long as they can, so it is not uncommon for them to decide to commit themselves beyond the age of 40. According to what the astrologer Emily Newman told Bustle, we are talking about the following zodiac signs.

This sign falls in love quickly, but just as quickly gets bored. It takes time to find someone to settle down with because she doesn’t want to sacrifice her freedom. Also, Aries is independent and doesn’t like to be told what to do, he always wants to make his own decisions; if pushed he will do the opposite.

For Geminis there is no point in committing to a person quickly because, being a very sociable sign, believe that many opportunities could be missed in the future. Like Aries, they tend to get bored quickly with relationships, so they need a lot of time to find the partner they’ll walk down the aisle with.

Aquarius people appreciate their freedom very much and marriage is something that can take away their space, at least that’s what they feel. They need a partner who learns to respect their space., because it is a sign who likes to spend time alone, so sharing a roof with a romantic partner is not part of their priorities. It takes a long time to get used to that idea, which is why it is another sign that tends to marry after 40.

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