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What zodiac signs are condemned to die alone

As strange as it sounds, some people ruled by three zodiac signs are more identified with loneliness than the rest of the others.

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Whether they decide it by their own conviction or by circumstances that are presented to them in an apparently unexpected way, but According to astrologer Reda Wigle, the zodiac wheel reveals that three of its signs are more inclined to remain alone throughout their time in this world.


Regarding other signs, people born in Virgo are considered extremely paranoid about their health care.

Along the history It is mentioned that they have always resorted to strange diets, extreme exercise, alternative treatments and even the consumption of foods that for the rest of their environment could be considered lacking in grace, but of enormous nutritional wealth.

Because of this, it is indicated that they seem to be destined to remain alone when misunderstood by their environment.

It is also said that a true reflection of their peculiar personality is the fact that they are represented as the major arcana of the tarot through the Hermit card, a character who demands to live in solitude to broaden the horizon of his mind.


Due to its nature, The possibility of meeting a person ruled by the sign of Sagittarius who remains tied to a long-term sentimental relationship is very remote.

It is said that her taste for defending the freedom of her ideas and the space that surrounds her is generally related to her desire to live in solitude so as not to account for her actions to anyone.

For years, it has even been pointed out that the best example of the personality of a Sagittarius is the figure of the famous musician Jim Morrison who, despite his fame, died alone inside a bathtub.


For some reason, Aquarians have come to be considered as outsiders of the zodiac, largely due to their peculiar way of setting a distance from the rest of their environment.

Surrounded by books and immersed in an almost surreal world, it is difficult to observe them in a love relationship. that implies giving up their freedom of thought and their almost introverted personality.

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