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what you should know before hiring a

Precautions to be taken when purchasing travel insurance

Reading the policy may not be enough to clarify all doubts.

Therefore, it is important to understand if the product you have hired is up to your needs. Or if, given the particularities of your trip, it will end up not being really useful if something happens.

Exclusion countries

There are countries that, because they are considered too dangerous, are excluded from insurance coverage. If you are going to travel to a country that is at war, for example, you should confirm that your travel insurance does not exclude you from the list of coverages, because if this happens you will lose the right to any support in the event of an accident.


Different insurances have different prices, but they also have different coverages and deductibles. This detail can take on great importance depending on where it goes. If healthcare in the destination country is very expensive and your deductible is very high, you may have to shell out a large amount before you start sharing the expenses with the insurer.

Coverage of sports activities

There are insurances that do not include, in the base policy, coverage for accidents in sports activities, and others in which this coverage is paid separately. If you are going on a trip and plan to do sport, be careful to ensure that you are always covered by the protection you have paid for, as the practice of sport can increase the risk of accidents.

annual coverage

It is possible to take out travel insurance that covers several trips within a year. This modality, which can be useful for those who travel a lot, is more expensive than the others but it pays off depending on the destinations, the duration of the trips and the frequency with which you leave the country.

age limits

One of the downsides of travel insurance is age limits. As with health insurance, these products accept to participate in the expenses of relatively young travellers, but when they get older, the case can change.

Therefore, depending on your age, it is advisable to confirm that the insurance coverage applies to you.

vaccine coverage

Always keep in mind that travel insurance does not cover the vaccination plan that may be required to visit a particular country.

Vaccinations will have to be entirely borne by you, as the insurance is only responsible for expenses incurred during the trip.

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