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what you should know about the inspiration for ‘House of the Dragon’ • ENTER.CO

This week House of the Dragon premieres, the first Game of Thrones spinoff and the litmus test to see if the franchise can win back the appreciation of fans. The story they selected, the Dance with Dragons, is one of the best in the Game of Thrones mythology and, if they are true to the events in the show, it will end up breaking the hearts of many fans.

We at ENTER.CO want to give you a Westeros history lesson so you can come away with some idea of ​​what you should expect from The House of the Dragon. Of course, we want to avoid spoiling a lot of the surprises the show has planned, so we’ll deliberately avoid giving details of some of the main events.

What is the Dragon Dance?

With this name a civil war was known that divided Westeros and the Targaryen house, as well as their vassals.

Why did it happen?

Quite simply, for choosing the next person who was going to be chosen as the king of Westeros. Two Targaryen half-brothers fought for the right to the throne. One of the heirs claimed the throne that belonged to him by blood (his mother was also a Targaryen), while another did so by right (the alleged last will of the king).

When does the Dance of the Dragons take place?

Almost 100 years before the events of Game of Thrones.

At this time there were dragons?

Yes! This is one of the moments of greatest power of the Targaryen house and the dragons are not very common, but they are not extinct either as it happens at the beginning of Game Of Thrones.

Do they explain what happened to the dragons?

Yes. In fact, it is one of the most tragic parts of the war. But we don’t want to give too many details. The only thing we can say is that before the war the Targaryens had 18 dragons. By the end of the conflict, they only had two left.

Will we see any character from houses we know?

Dragon Dance

Yes. By this time in Westeros many of the most important houses were already formed. For example, one of the most important allies of both houses were the Lannisters, Baratheons, as well as the Starks, Arryn, and Tully.

Are there events like the red wedding?

Oh yeah. A lots of. We can’t wait to see how the series adapts some of the conflict’s most heartbreaking moments. No one is safe when the best weapon in war is dragons.

Do I have to watch Game of Thrones to understand House of the Dragon?

No, but it certainly helps that you have the context of the world. For example, knowing what the Hand of the King is or where some of the most important locations in Westeros are, as well as who the most important houses are when they are mentioned.

I want to know more! Where can I read?

At the risk of spoilers, we can only recommend this video that comes from the Game of Thrones blu-ray and provides a summary of the events that occurred in the Dance with Dragons.

Images: HBO

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