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What year-end ritual your zodiac sign should do to start 2023 off right

Among the grapes, underwear, resolutions and other New Year rituals, it is difficult to choose the one that best suits our true intentions for 2023. To get a better idea, we can turn to astrology.

Your zodiac sign tells you which year-end ritual is the most suitable for your astrological personality, you just have to do it with faith to start receiving joy and positive energy from the first minute of 2023.

The ritual that is recommended to Aries is break a plate to help them “break” the stress of the year that is leaving and scare away the evil spirits of the year that has just begun, according to the site El Comercio of Peru.

your sign should eat lentils when the clock strikes 12 AM so that all your wishes for abundance and prosperity come true.

The Gemini ritual is splash water on other people to generate an atmosphere of festivity and would allege in the first moments of the year. This ritual symbolizes letting go of all the bad things of the passing year.

Hug the whole family It is the most appropriate ritual for the sentimental sign of Cancer. In this way, he will receive the energy of his loved ones that will be the fuel that will propel him towards his 2023 goals.

Toast with a sparkling wine or champagne it will serve so that Leo can visualize his goals for the year 2023. If among his plans is to get married, he must add a ring to his glass when toasting with his partner.

Your sign is the planner and organizer of the Zodiac, which is why the most recommended ritual for you is recite a wish for each of the 12 grapes What will you eat at midnight on January 1?

If you want to start the renewing cycle of negative energies, wear a new garment or better yet, premiere your entire New Year’s outfit to start 2023 purified. It is also customary that it is only the shoes because with your feet you will “walk” towards your successes.

Your zodiac sign should wear a garment associated with your greatest wish in 2023. For example, if you want a red accessory for love, a yellow one for money, a green one for luck and so on.

The suitcase ritual is perfect for Sagittarius. Pack some suitcases with some clothes and leave them ready around the midnight toast. After 12 bells, she goes out with suitcases in hand and walks around the block with them.

Prosperity and economic stability are fundamental points for Capricorn, so the ritual you must do is put a bill inside your shoe to attract abundance.

The ritual that Aquarius should do is write on a piece of paper everything you want to leave behind and then burn it at midnight. This rite will help you move forward and prevent you from getting stuck in the problems of 2022.

The most mystical sign of the Zodiac must do a ritual according to its psychic energy. It is recommended charge a white quartz as an amulet and light a cinnamon incense right at 12 o’clock at night.

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