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What will Nails Arts look like in 2023? Find out what they are!

The Nails Arts, also better known as decorated nails, has been one of the trends for some years now among those who love to have their nails always well done, women, mainly.

Always being well-groomed is one of the vanities of women and the nails call a lot of attention depending on the decoration, being something more black or following the colorful footprint.

There are several nail formats and endless nail decoration possibilities. You can either do it the ordinary way, in a beauty salon or learn to do it at home and who knows, maybe even become an extra income, huh?

Well-manicured nails add extra charm, even to those who don’t dress up so much, like to go out more naturally, attract attention. Who doesn’t like to have their nails ready for any occasion, right?

It is not now that this trend has emerged, but from a long time ago. Decorated nails appeared in Egypt, between 3000-4000 BC. Scientists discovered mummies whose nails were decorated with henna, as that was what was available at the time.

During the reign of Queen Cleopatra, only she could paint her nails red and no other, otherwise she would be severely punished, as they did at that time according to History. The most humble and lower class women could only paint if it was in light colors.

It doesn’t stop there, the trend has not only passed through Egypt, but also through Asia, undergoing a great evolution in the country of China. During the period known as Tang between 705-907, the princess of the time, Yang Kwei-fei also had this habit of painting her nails, in addition to Cleopatra.

Decorated nails only really became famous, well known and became a trend in Japan, as the most famous nail arts originated there, one of the styles being those with polka dots and lines.

the nails arts they can be made with different techniques, which can vary according to the style you like, such as; with enamel, films and in 3D. The enamel technique is very common and used, the film technique is very accessible and practical, as they can be found in cards and the 3D technique is already more elaborate, as it uses more professional materials and possible to do in beauty salons.

We have separated some ideas that will inspire you to make such beautiful decorated nails, in different styles, more striking, clean, black, with few or many colors and among other possibilities for this trend.

Check out 6 models of Nails Arts that are trending and worth betting on:

1. Nail Arts with glitter

Nails Arts.

To start our list, nothing better than a beautiful glitter, reminiscent of festive seasons, like carnival, which came back with everything this year and that was a good bet during that time. Not only during Carnival, but the glitter together with the tones of the model above are ideal for New Year’s Eve or a party, who knows?

Glitter with golden and brown tones are a great bet for those who are more fans of this nail style that is more striking, daring and perfect for parties.

2. Nail Art with Stickers

For those who like something faster and more practical, stickers are perfect for these moments. In case you forgot to do your nails, go to the salon, the stickers help to “break a branch” in those hours before going to some occasion.

In our example model, it has a more romantic feel and is made with care, as it uses shades of pink and beautiful floral stickers to enhance decorated nails.

3. Minimalist and clean nail art

This example goes to those who like something more clean and minimalist, as represented in the model above. It does not draw attention and is still delicate. This is a good bet for those who like delicacy, a nude tone with black lines.

It goes with any look, from the most striking to the most discreet, it is suitable for any occasion, more suitable for everyday life, work, college, school and among other occasions.

4. Textured nail art

Following a proposal different from the others, textured nail art is a more recent trend, launched recently. It can be made with different textures, as in the model, which uses polka dots all over the nail for the finish.

In a blue tone with polka dots, it is a good proposal for those who want to make a difference at the weekend to go to a special event or just hang out with friends, it will definitely be a topic between you, as it is a new trend.

5. Chrome decorated nail

This is another option for those who like a “different approach” and follow the trends that are launched. Depending on your taste, this nail art can be more metallic and shiny or not so much, everything can vary.

It can be in different colors, a combination of several colors, to get something very colorful or follow a pattern like the model shown, which follows the chrome pink trend.

6. Nail decorated with francesinha

A classic that never goes out of style! The nail decorated with francesinha never ceases to be a trend, as it matches any occasion and follows the minimalist and clean footprint. It gives a delicate and even romantic touch to female nails.

Something delicate, beautiful and looks great on any woman for an everyday occasion or something more night like a party. Ideal for those who don’t like anything exaggerated and flashy, but something simple and that doesn’t go out of style.

We saw how the so famous nail arts emerged, from Egypt, with Queen Cleopatra to Japan, which innovated in different ways, we suggest some models that can be followed for you to do both in the beauty salon and at home.

Models from the cleanest and most minimalist to those with textures and chrome, pleasing all the female audience who can choose between one or the other, following the trend that never goes out of style.

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