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What will happen to beneficiaries with the end of Emergency Aid?

Emergency Aid recipients who have received the installments since April 2021 know that there was an extension until October with three more installments and after this period it will come to an end.

However, workers who receive the Aid and are MEI with the only source of income from informal work can go to the nearest CRAS or CadÚnico to register, as in November there will be a new social program that replaces Bolsa Família and will call Brazil Aid.

For those who are eligible and have not had the emergency benefit suspended, they will continue to receive the installments until the end of the program. The amounts are R$ 150.00 for one person, R$ 250.00 for more than two people and R$ 375.00 for mothers who are heads of household.

What this article covers:

After the end of the emergency aid, how will the Brazil Aid work?

Auxílio Brasil takes the place of Bolsa Família in November and is guaranteed to keep families included in the previous social program, as long as they update their registration in the CRAS or CadUnico. It is important that this information is always up to date.

Source/Reproduction: gov.br

There will be a greater number of families included in the Auxílio Brasil with about 1.4 million who remain in line for the granting of Bolsa Família and are already enrolled in it, but do not receive income distribution.

Main requirements to qualify for the Brazil Aid:

  • Families in extreme poverty who receive R$89 per person;
  • Families in poverty with an income of R$89 to R$178 per person;
  • Be registered in CadÚnico.

Therefore, interested parties must be registered in the Single Registry of Social Information.

Continuing Provision Benefit

Elderly people who are 65 years old and have a low income, as well as people with disabilities regardless of age, can obtain the BPC/Loas. However, to have access to the program you must be of low income:

  • It is important to be included in the CadÚnico;
  • Prove that the family has an income of ¼ per person, which would be R$ 275.00.

The BPC guarantees the value of one minimum wage, in this case, R$ 1,100 in the year 2021.

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