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What will happen in July 2022: know the astrological events that will mark this month

The planetary movements that will accompany July 2022 predict a more optimistic and accelerated month. June bids farewell with Cancer season at its peak and the stealthy retrogrades of Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune. Although we experience great changes with the summer solstice and the new moon in Cancer, the seventh month also promises transformations.

July represents the beginning of the third quarter of the year, from now on, things seem to pick up a faster pace. This is because the energy of the Leo cycle is already beginning to be perceived. The lion is a sign oriented to action, passion and fun, very different from its predecessor Cancer.

Collective issues will take on a priority role during this month, being the perfect period to reorganize our priorities. Below, learn about the most important astrological events that will occur in July 2022.

July 5 – Mars enters Taurus and Mercury enters Cancer

Two strong movements will welcome this month. On July 5, Mars, the planet of action, will enter the stable sign of Taurus, while Mercury, the star of communication and expression, will enter emotional Cancer. According to astrologers at Astrology Answers, the combination of both energies will reduce our impulsesso it will be the perfect time to be stable.

July 13 – Full Moon in Capricorn (Supermoon)

On July 13 the sky will delight us with the second Supermoon of the year when it occurs the full Stag Moon in Capricorn. The priority themes of this lunation will be to break obsolete patterns, explore new ambitions, finalize projects, recognize successes and status, assume our responsibilities and power struggles at work and sentimental.

July 17 – Venus enters Cancer

The planet of love and values, Venus, will enter the emotional and sensitive sign of Cancer. This powerful sentimental combination will help us have a more accurate approach to our love commitments, emotional and home security. Our closest relationships will be a priority.

July 19 – Mercury enters Leo

On Sunday, July 19, the planet of communication, Mercury, will change signs and enter Leo territory, encouraging creative expression and opening up new possibilities in matters of the heart.

July 22 – Leo season begins

The sun will move towards Leo and connect us with our passions, make us feel inspired, accomplished and prioritize our own needs. This is when we will be brave to make decisions and trust what our hearts say..

July 28 – Jupiter turns retrograde and new Moon in Leo

The largest planet in the Solar System and representative of luck. Jupiter will turn retrograde on July 28, which means that we will make the necessary adjustments within ourselves to express them abroad. It is a reflective and spiritual period.

For its part, the new moon in Leo will represent the awakenings of the heart, that is, it will bring to light our repressed desires and hidden emotions. It will make us act towards what we need.

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