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What will be the unlucky day of 2023 for each zodiac sign?

In 2023, good or bad things can await us, and astrology helps us to know when it could be the worst time of the year for our zodiac sign and thus avoid being caught off guard by the heavenly drama.

There are planetary movements that are complicated for everyone, such as Mercury’s retrograde periods, but beyond that there are other stars that encourage our dark side, such as Pluto and Uranus.

Looking at his trajectory is the key to discovering why there will be a most unlucky day of the year for each zodiac sign. Find out which one corresponds to you next, according to the predictions published by the astrologer Desiree Roby Antila through Bustle.

The unluckiest day for Aries will be November 3 when you can expect confrontations, clashes and confusion on the romantic plane. You could face obstacles in your personal growth.

May 5th will be the worst day for your zodiac sign after hard and uncomfortable truths in your relationships come to light. You may make important decisions with your partner.

ANDThe most unlucky day for Geminis will be May 16 because it is predicted that you will inevitably have to face the things that you have postponed or repressed. The good news is that after the bitter pill, you will experience a spiritual healing.

July 17 is the most unlucky day for your sign. You will feel that you have more emotional attachments and you will be very sentimental. The astrologer predicts that you will have more responsibilities.

The worst day for your sign is expected to be September 29. when things that you once rejected will reappear, mainly related to your sentimental life. There will be surprises for which you are not prepared.

October 5th will be the unlucky day for your sign. There will be a feeling of being stuck in you, so it will be a good idea to reflect and take shelter in the comfort of your home.

Libra’s unluckiest day will be July 17 when he will have to face all his karmic challenges. It will be important that you do not take things personally and analyze what lessons you need to learn.

March 23 will be your worst day because friction and problems are expected in your home life. It will be important to respect limits and establish your own.

The unluckiest day of your zodiac sign will be October 2. You will be afraid of finding out how others perceive you and you may feel that you are stuck in your career.

March 27 will be the day of bad luck for Capricorn because he will see the need to overcome the people who were part of his inner circle. You may be part of a new group of friends.

The worst day of Aquarius will be October 28 because he will be a victim of his own temperament. Reacting impulsively or in the worst way can damage your public image.

March 27 will be the worst day for Pisces when he must face his darkest side. You will have to put your feet on the ground and have them very firm. There will be many lessons to learn.

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