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What will be the lucky colors for 2023, according to Feng Shui

The lucky colors for 2023, the year that corresponds to the Water Rabbit in the Chinese calendar, will be green, red, pink and blueso Feng Shui experts recommend using them daily, although not excessively.

According to the ancient oriental philosophy, which tells us how to take advantage of the spaces to have a good flow of energy, these colors can bring us fortune from January 22when the Chinese New Year begins and we can use them in various ways at home and at work.

For example, we can paint any of the walls of the house, business or office with these colors, or add accessories such as cushions, curtains, bedding or gadgets with those tones, as well as wear a green, red, pink or blue whenever you need fortune, TheChineseZodiac.org explained.

What do the lucky colors 2023 mean and how to use them, according to Feng Shui?

Green symbolizes nature, growth, renewal and vitality. It is a color that inspires calm, balances and harmonizes the mind and body. It is believed to be positive for abundance, fortune, health, healing and is best used to rejuvenate the mind. You can adopt it by adding plants to your home.

Red is associated with passion, energy and good fortune.. It has an energizing effect on the mind and body, which is why it is believed to attract luck, improve wealth and prosperity. It should be used in lucky charms, red quartz or candles.

Pink means love, compassion and kindness. Feng Shui experts say that it has a calming effect on the mind and body, it also encourages and attracts love, harmony and is used to enhance feelings of tenderness and affection among household members. To improve this energy it can be used in pink flowers, quartz and candles.

Blue symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, and self-expression.. It is also related to the water element, so it has a relaxing and refreshing effect on our mind. It promotes clear thinking and communication, plus it enhances feelings of honesty and loyalty. It can be used in clothing and home accessories, as well as candles and quartz.

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