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What will be the luckiest day in July 2022 for your zodiac sign

The month of July 2022 arrives with a lucky day for each zodiac sign. The astrological climate promises that things will improve in the coming days as several planets will play in our favor.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, will be the protagonist turning retrograde in Aries, which means that it will be the perfect opportunity to deepen our beliefs and throw ourselves towards them with security and confidence.

Lluck and financial abundance will be in favor, so they will have a great weight in personal life, astrologers comment on YourTango. Next, we tell you which day of July will be the luckiest for your zodiac sign.

The luckiest day of July for Aries will be Thursday 28, when Jupiter begins its retrograde precisely in this sign. He will bring new opportunities in the lives of Arians.

Taurus’s luckiest day will be Tuesday, July 5 when Mercury enters this zodiac sign. It will be easier for him to express what he thinks and feels, this includes shaping his dreams and desires.

Monday, July 4 will be the luckiest day for Gemini when Pallas, the asteroid that rules wisdom and justice, enters this sign. The gift you will get will be the intuition to know what is right and what is wrong, energy that will serve to manifest your dreams.

The luckiest day in July for Cancer will be Sunday the 17th when Venus enters this sign. Although this planet is associated with love, it also rules values ​​and financial matters, so you will receive good news in real estate or business ventures.

The lion’s luckiest day will be Thursday, July 28 when the new moon occurs in Leo. It will be the perfect time to sow his intentions and reap the rewards.

Monday, July 25 will be the luckiest day for Virgo after Juno, the asteroid of contracts, turns retrograde in Pisces. The signing of important documents is in sight or he will reevaluate the companies that have borne fruit and those that are better forgotten. This includes love relationships.

Libra’s luckiest day will be Wednesday, July 6. The Moon will be in this sign and will give you the opportunity to overcome any challenges that prevent you from obtaining abundance. The stars will provide wisdom to make difficult decisions.

Sunday July 31 will be the luckiest day for scorpions when Uranus forms an aspect to the nodes of destiny that will influence your romantic life. The fortune that he has been seeking in matters of the heart will come that day.

The luckiest day for Sagittarius will be Sunday, July 4 after Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom, is positioned on Gemini. This means for your sign a greater focus on his career, energy that will boost his warrior spirit to help him achieve great goals.

Wednesday, July 13 will be the luckiest day for Capricorn with your annual full moon. It will be time to reflect on what has worked in your life and what hasn’t and it will change your perspective on what you deserve.

The luckiest day for Aquarius will be Thursday, July 28. The new moon in Leo will help open a new chapter in his personal life; growth and healing of wounds from the past are coming.

The luckiest day for Pisces will be Monday, July 25 once Juno, the asteroid of marriage and contracts, turns retrograde in this sign. It will bring great opportunities to your love life and the signing of lucrative projects.

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