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What will be the best day in autumn 2022 for each zodiac sign

Autumn will start this September 22nd and will end until December 21st, during this time each zodiac sign will have a lucky moment And to help us find it, astrology tells us what will be the best day this season for all members of the horoscope.

The astrological climate of autumn 2022 will contrast with the short and cold days that characterize this season, by forecasting hope, they can only represent a light in the midst of darkness.

The above is due to the retrogrades of Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune will end, so the table will be set for new beginnings. That is why there are many auspicious days in the fall, and below we will tell you which one corresponds to your zodiac sign.

You will have to be patient, the best day for Aries in the fall will be December 21the last of the season, when you will begin to feel a healing energy that will lead you to be lucid and enjoy the holidays to the fullest.

The luckiest day of autumn for Taurus will be November 15, when you will have many opportunities to be in harmony with loved ones and friends. In some meeting you could find the person who will align with your values.

October 6 will be the luckiest day of autumn for the sign of the twins. You will have a lot of mental clarity and you could receive unexpected monetary gains.

The most positive day of the fall for Cancer will be November 23. You’ll be able to more clearly state his goals, and on the family side, you’ll have conversations that will be especially revealing.

October 22 will be the luckiest day for Leos, who will be the total center of attention and will be able to develop important relationships. Don’t be surprised if people are more affectionate that day.

The luckiest day for Virgo in the fall will be next October 2 when you will have an extra dose of clarity and confidence in making decisions.

The best day of autumn for the sign of balance will be October 22 when love and beauty will be seasoning your life. Your feelings will have an additional grace so it will be time to make social plans.

October 8 will be the best day of autumn for Scorpios when the opportunity will present itself to transform any element of your life that has required it. This change will be internal, but very representative and will make you feel powerful.

The most positive day of autumn for Sagittarius will be November 23. It is likely that you will experience positive changes and the feeling you will feel will be like receiving a new year.

October 23 will be the best day of autumn for Capricorn. That day your tenacity, effort, sacrifice and work resistance will pay off in abundance.

Just like your zodiac neighbor, Aquarius will also have October 23 as its best day of the fall. It will be the perfect time to take big steps in a personal project or important job.

The best day of Pisces fall will be December 3, although for this sign the entire holiday season is when it shines the most. Your perception skills will be highly stimulated and you will grasp things more easily.

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