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What were the reasons for the industrial revolution and how did it start?

The Industrial Revolution was very important for human history, as it was through it that humanity managed to evolve in various industrial and human areas.

But when and how did the Industrial Revolution come about? And what was your interference in society? In this article, we will answer all these questions. Good reading!

What this article covers:

When did the industrial revolution start?

There are many controversies regarding the year of the first industrial revolution, but according to most historians, it started in the year 1760. But the most important fact is that the revolution was a very important milestone in human history.

Where did the industrial revolution take place?

The first great industrial revolution started in england, more or less in the middle of the 18th century. The English are considered the pioneers in this revolution because the first steam engine was created in the country, in 1698, built by Thomas Newcomen.

What was the main reason for the industrial revolution?

According to historians, many reasons caused the first Industrial Revolution. But the main cause was the creation of the steam engine, which worked with water and coal as fuels. This machine was capable of generating energy by heating water and transforming it into power to move the machines.

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The Industrial Revolution was a very important milestone for history, as it reshaped most human social relationships and totally changed the way people worked.

How did the industrial revolution change industry?

With the arrival of machines, all human areas progressed very quickly. The industry grew, bringing with it many technological advances. These advances have improved many important areas for humanity, such as medicine, robotics and the industry of various segments.

How did the industrial revolution change industry?
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The Industrial Revolution process went through many phases and each one of them was responsible for developing several areas of technology, which made possible the industrialization and growth of several emerging countries. Capitalism also went through several changes caused by the Industrial Revolution, which made it a much more efficient and productive system.

With each new phase, the Industrial Revolution brought more advances, transforming the world and people. In this period of revolution, the industry and the production of companies grew a lot in a short time.

What was the impact of the industrial revolution on society?

If considered from a general parameter, the Industrial Revolution transformed most of the world’s economic sectors, especially the industrial one. But all the advances achieved in this revolution also reflected in social relations and in the impacts generated in nature, since they totally changed the way people lived.

With the arrival of machines, the need for manual labor decreased, causing many people to leave the rural area to seek job opportunities, this caused new cities to be born, giving rise to one of the greatest urbanization processes in history.

But this process generated a very large increase in the population of the cities, and generated a great wave of social disorder, such as violence, hunger and misery. Society also split into two sides: the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The former are the owners of the means of production (factories) and the latter are the workers (those who sell labor power to earn their living).

The biggest advance that the Industrial Revolution brought was the increase in production, companies started to produce in mass and in a short time. This caused trade to grow rapidly, generating major changes in the industrial world, especially benefiting the richest.

Did you understand how the Industrial Revolution happened and why it was important? Without a doubt, she revolutionized the world!

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