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what we know about the new Scarlet and Purple mechanic • ENTER.CO

Every new Pokemon game in recent generations has brought a new mechanic. Some are fondly remembered, as is the case with Megaevolution, while others have been a bit more controversial, as is the case with Dynamax. The most recent preview of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple introduced us to this new mechanic: Terracrystallization.

Terracrystallization: between Megaevolution and Dynamax.

Terracrystallization seems to be a happy medium between Mega Evolution and Dynamax by offering a temporary boost to Pokemon’s stats. However, it seems that Pokémon has learned that fans don’t like to select only specific mons to enjoy these abilities and has again allowed all creatures in the Padea region to use it.

This is what we know:

– All Padea mons can use Terracrystallization.

– Most mons keep their type when using it, but there are certain cases where the pokémon can change type when using this power. Apparently those that can change type are much rarer. Seems to be a hidden stat within the game.

– You can participate in Terracrystallization raids to make it easier to find mons with rare types of Terracrystallization.

– Visually the Pokémon acquires a crown of jewels. This crown is not individual, but there is a model for each type that exists. That is, through the crown you can identify the type of Terracrystallization to which the Pokémon has evolved.

Terra crystallization

– You will be able to get rare terra type pokemon through events. For example, the first of the game will allow you to obtain a special Pikachu that knows the return movement and that also transforms into a flying terra type.

Images: Screenshots and The Pokemon Company.

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