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What value can MEI receive from retirement through the INSS?

After years of contributing to the domestic economy, all workers have the common goal of wanting to retire. The individual microentrepreneur (MEI) also fits this list, in addition to being entitled to a CNPJ and issuing an invoice.

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Retirement for MEIs does not have very different rules from a common one. The big problem is that there are many people who don’t know about the requirements or don’t even know about the existence of the benefit.

From this context of doubts, check here an overview of everything you need to know about the retirement of MEIs, as well as signing up to receive the benefits.

What this article covers:

INSS retirement rules

For the MEI to retire by age through the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), there is an essential condition: that the worker pays about 5% of the value of the minimum wage that is in use in the year. This rate will provide the known benefits of the INSS, such as sickness benefit, maternity leave, prison aid, among others.

If the desired retirement is for contribution time, it is necessary to pay an amount that totals 20% of the minimum wage together with the INSS ceiling for the period required by Social Security. What totals for men a range of 35 years of contribution, while for women the estimate is 30 years of contribution.

There is also the possibility of disability retirement, which allows you to receive a minimum wage as a right. It is also worth mentioning that if only the amount of 5% is paid, the worker can only retire by age. With everything properly explained, we must now teach the ways to register and how to pay the required fees.

How can MEI enroll in the INSS?

As mentioned earlier, the rules for requiring retirement vary very little. To register, just access the Meu INSS website, as well as social security, and inform data such as CPF, address, among other things. After registering as MEIthe worker will own one low-cost company per month.

Well, we’ve reached the end! It is hoped that everything about the requirements to achieve retirement as an MEI has been clarified. Due to the country context, reliable information is always welcome. To stay on top of all the news, stay tuned for new posts on the site.

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