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what types work?

The Nubank account is perfect because it is possible to use a savings account and a current account in a single function, without the need to open an account for a specific function, as is the case with other traditional banks present in Brazil.

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Which accounts work at Nubank?

The main accounts at Nubank are payment accounts, which serve specifically so that the customer can make any type of payment through the account without any bureaucracy or abusive fees.

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The digital account provides a variety of tools that other traditional banking institutions do not have, or offer with extra fees that can be a great inconvenience to customers. This is the only fintech that allows you to have full access to the main information without charging maintenance fees, in addition to the entire service being done online through your cell phone.

Nubank current or savings account: what’s the difference?

Nubank does not have a checking or savings account, on the contrary, it is an account made for payments of all types and modalities. Fintech managed to combine the two with more features and other advantages, for example, there is no charge for maintaining the account, nor fees that may go unnoticed. Your money can be used at any time, in addition to earning much more in your account than in your savings account.

According to Central Bank regulation, it is possible to use the Nubank account for all types of payments, ranging from transactions made by credit or debit cards, transfers to the same bank or other banks by TED and DOCin addition to having Pix that sends money at the same time.

which one should i use

The only account that can be used is the digital account that works as a savings and debit account, which has tools to store money in the piggy bank and let it earn, in addition to having the possibility of leaving it in storage for a few months to increase the values ​​per account own.

In your Nubank account, it became possible to make investments and observe whether the values ​​yield as they should, in addition to learning how to use your money correctly through the information provided by the bank.

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