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what to wear this festive season

Not sure what to wear this festive season? We help with inspirations for looks with Christmas clothes, whatever your style.

If you don’t know what to wear for Christmas dinner, or these festive days, we’ll help you. And because at Christmas, as in the rest of the year, the most important thing is to follow your style and personality, get to know our suggestions for Christmas clothes for all tastes and celebrations.

Whether you’re thinking of pampering yourself with a look new, whether you want to create a festive look from pieces you already have in your closet, trust me you’ll get one look festive and comfortable, and that can be recreated on other occasions.

Believe me, you’ve never had so much style preparing a turkey!

The best looks for the festive season

Don’t let this season of celebration go unnoticed. Whether you’ve prepared a big family dinner, or you’re looking forward to a quieter Christmas in front of the fireplace, invest in yourself and pamper yourself.

Check out our suggestions for looks with Christmas clothes more or less festive, which we are sure will delight you.


Sequins have the power to make any look festive and sophisticated.

dive into a look Party total with a sequined dress and heeled sandals, or just add an extra touch of sparkle by combining a sequined piece with more sober and classic ones.

Combine comfort and celebration by wearing sequined trousers with a knitted sweater.


Velvet is king in winter, and Christmas is no exception. In addition to being a comfortable material, it makes any look even more glamorous.

For looks For more fun, pair velvet pants or a blouse with pieces made from other materials, such as satin, lace or sequins.


If you want to give the suits a more feminine touch, wear them with a romantic or floral blouse.


Party season is synonymous with sparkles.

If you don’t know what to wear this Christmas, believe me that any simpler look is immediately more festive with a sparkly piece.

Blouses are a great option to wear with monochromatic pants or skirts.


If you want to add more glam to your look, add some accessories like a belt or a hair accessory.


Satin doesn’t just have to be worn in the summer.

When paired with winter pieces like chunky knits or velvet, they create killer looks.

Do you have that satin dress you bought in the summer and never wore again? Combine it with a mesh top and ankle boots.


As you can see, it’s very simple to create a party look from a few simple pieces.
Add some festive makeup and you’re ready for Christmas dinner.


Pair a lace blouse with a blazer for a sophisticated look.

If you have a very feminine style, lace pieces will make your look more delicate and sensual.


Use a lace blouse as an underpiece, when worn under dungarees or a dress, for an extra touch of elegance.


If you haven’t had time to plan your outfit for Christmas, or if you simply want to use a look very relaxed and comfortable, believe me you will be able to wear your jeans.

Change shoes and t-shirts for some heels and a romantic blouse?? And why not try a more daring make-up, like red lipstick or shiny eyeshadow?


Combine jeans with nobler materials such as velvet or satin for more festive looks.

Do you already know what you are going to wear this year? Take a trip to the closet or to the stores and let yourself be inspired by these looks in Christmas outfit.

If you’re going shopping and you’re thinking about a more festive outfit, opt for something you can wear on other occasions. If you don’t plan on spending money on your outfitas you saw it is possible to create looks full of style from pieces you already own.

The important thing is that you feel good and that you live the moment in a big way!

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