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What to wear at the end of the year parties: 7 suggestions to shine

Don’t know what to wear to the end of the year parties? Check out our outfit suggestions to spend the 12 bells in style.

Because dressing for the occasion while fighting low temperatures can be a real headache, we propose some looks for use for end of year partiesfor any type of plan you may have.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to get back to planning the little things that can bring you joy, whether that means spending the night in the comfort of your own home or dancing the night away.

For this, we bring you that extra incentive, with looks that you will want to recreate, from pieces that you may already have or that you may buy.

Save the tracksuit for other dates, and shine in this new year!

Find out what to wear to the end of the year parties

From sparkles to denim, from more festive outfits to more casual styles, we’ve rounded up the best looks for a memorable night.

Check out our suggestions if you still don’t know what use these end of year parties??

If you don’t have big plans, or if you’re simply looking to wear something comfortable and practical, why not combine the jeans What’s in your closet with a more festive blouse?

For an extra touch of glamour, try bold make-up or party accessories.


Don’t let the moment pass in vain, and try to include a more festive piece in your look, such as glitter, satin, or sequins.

Yes, you read it right! Is there anything more comfortable than wearing elegant pajamas tonight?

Combined pieces and pajamas were present this year, and several celebrities and models took to the streets.

Do you have those satin pajamas at home? Add some party accessories for a bolder, more glam look.


Pajamas or suit?
Get out of your comfort zone and go for looks you wouldn’t normally wear.

If you’re one of those people who try to do as little work as possible, or if you simply don’t have a lot of time to get ready, you can’t go wrong with a short dress.

Create an extra glamorous look with bold earrings and high heels.

Long-sleeved dresses are ideal for facing low temperatures. Complete the look common blazer or an overcoat, and some tights??


Combine make-up and hairstyle with the festive spirit, and bet on a look that you wouldn’t wear on other occasions.

Do you have any dinner planned? Combine leather pants with a mesh and silver accessories, pieces that are certainly already part of your wardrobe

The contrast of silver and black will result in a festive and elegant look.


To make your earrings stand out, style them in a side hairstyle or a ponytail.
Use a shimmery eye shadow for that extra party touch.

If you plan on dancing the night away with your girlfriends, you’re going to need some dress pants.

With pants with sparkles or sequins, you won’t need anything else. Pair them with a simple top or blouse and shine on the dance floor.

At other times, wear them with a chunky knit or graphic tee.


If you’re looking to get away from dresses but still don’t want to get away from the festive spirit, pair party pants with more basic pieces.

Unless you’re planning to spend the date on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, chances are you’re thinking of wearing something comfortable and warm.

From a simple knitted sweater you will achieve a look that will kill! Combine it with a short skirt and tall boots, or a skirt midi or long and some high heels.


Wear a short-sleeved top or a blouse under your sweater, for when you start to feel the warmth of the fireplace.

Don’t know what to wear with these low temperatures?

The best solution is to layer different pieces, or complete your look with winter pieces.

Create an elegant look with a overcoat maxi or high boots. Leather gloves, a beret or a scarfare also excellent options to combat the cold with great sophistication.

about everything

Now that you have one less headache because you already know what to wear, think about the 12 wishes you’re going to ask for on New Year’s Eve.

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