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What to sell to make money? 20 Ideas with minimal investment

If your idea is to have a second entry and you want to do something with little or zero investment, maybe you have already thought about what to sell to make money. Don’t worry, here we will give you the most creative alternatives.

Some need some equipment, however, if you do not have it, do not stop and think of another option that suits your reality.

As in everything, perseverance and dedication is necessary, since in many of these cases sales will be a little slower, but if you give up they will be totally null.

What to sell to make money profitably

The advantage is that today we can earn money online, so instead of going door to door you have the whole world close to you; however, segment your clientele.

Your marketing can target the sales of physical products or that of a service that you offer, this will depend on your abilities and time.

The moment you clearly know the audience you are going to address, and what to sell to earn money, you will have a more accurate business idea and thus successful planning. The results are guaranteed if you propose a solvent strategy.

Ideas to sell with little or no investment

Study this list that we offer you and choose the most appropriate option taking into account the equipment you have, your knowledge and what you would like to sell.

1. Sale of crafts

Do you need the ability to do some kind of craft? With what you have on hand or making a minimal investment, you can sell everything online.

Here we leave you a guide to start selling online from scratch.

2. Answer online surveys

Despite not being a business, it could be said that you are selling your opinion to paid survey platforms that need to know your point of view to make product decisions.

Although you will not earn a lot of money quickly, these platforms pay you money for signing up and if you are constant with the surveys you receive, you can create an extra entry to diversify your sources of income.

3. Screen printing

Technique that you can apply to clothing, cups and other surfaces, it is not necessary to make large investments and companies find it very interesting.

In fact, this is one of the alternatives to earn money with Amazon that work very well if you like graphic design.

4. Create a book and sell it

We are convinced that you have enough material in the documents, downloads and files on your computer to create a digital book and sell it.

When writing and selling your book it is important that you focus on a specific and measurable result, this way people will know what they will learn with you.

You can sell it on platforms like Amazon, through the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) service, or you can sell it on your own website thanks to platforms like Hotmart.

5. Confectionery

The desserts are a good product and best of all, You can sell them online, both to your relatives and at major events.

Today there are many online courses to learn how to generate income online by selling your passion for cooking.

In addition, you can start a very attractive business online because there are currently multiple ways to earn money with this line of business; catering service, desserts at home, themed pastries, among others.


Being a mentor and assisting people to develop their talents and recognize their weaknesses is a total success within the ideas to know what to sell to make money.

People are in search of their life purpose, so if you have tools to help people in this process, you can generate very interesting income.

7. Consulting on menus

If you know gastronomy you have the advantage of being able to Guide restaurants regarding the menu to implement.

Undoubtedly, this is another very attractive business idea in the gastronomic sector that you can exploit to generate extra income in your spare time.

8. Bicycle repair

With a little knowledge on this subject, and some tools you have a business opportunity to do these repairs while earning some money.

It is important to develop a social media strategy and complement it with the creation of your website where you can offer your repair services.

9. Create a podcast

Having interesting stories or something important to say can be the trigger to sell online, you only need your voice and simple recording equipment.

In fact, we’ve created a guide that shows you how to create a podcast from scratch, plus all the tools you need to get started.

10. Garage sales

Sell ​​your own used items in good condition, you do not have to invest anything, just check in your closet what to sell to earn money.

In fact, you can go through everything you have in your house that you don’t use and create additional income. There are many people who opt for a minimalist lifestyle, which implies letting go of what you are not using.

recommended books

11. Language lessons

Knowing other languages, you could teach or give advice to solve specific doubts, above all, to school students.

Did you know that this idea has become the most effective way for many people to earn money from home? If you master an additional language, you have a great chance of creating extra income.

12. Sending and receiving things

Offering your services to neighbors and friends to pick up packages or take them to the shipping store is an easy job.

If you have free time, and you are looking for quick options to earn money, you can consider this work from home, which will not only help your neighbors, but will save them time and effort.

13. Jewelry making

If you have manual skills, jewelry It does not require a large investment and you will be able to sell your creations with little time spent.

Explore online sellers like Etsy, which specializes in crafts, art, and design.

14. SEO Writing

Service focused on writing digital content. In the list of what to sell to make money, this service requires writing skills to position brands in SERP, that is, in Google results.

A very good option to offer this writing service is to sign up for Fiverr, and start earning money with this platform.

15. Sale of sweets

If you are at the university, at school or even at work, you can create extra income by selling sweets, healthy snacks or you could go further, and sell food on request for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

This idea could be the start of a thriving meal plan business on demand. Start small, with a minimal investment of money, and see how your market responds.

16. Walking pets

Talk to your neighbors who have dogs and offer them your services to take them for a walk, help them, earn extra money and exercise.

Like other ideas we have mentioned, all you need is to offer your service to neighbors and get started. There is no investment of money and you can start with your closest friends.

17. Edit videos and photos

Do you have the knowledge? Then, hands on the photos! Offer to enhance their photos, remove items or people, and earn money.

Here we leave you a series of free video editors for you to start offering your services.

Now, there are platforms to earn money selling your photographs. So if you want to make money selling or licensing your art, check out these pages and create your profile.

18. Sell web domains

While it may not be the quickest answer to your question of what to sell to make moneythe reality is that if you manage to sell a domain, you can double, triple and much more your investment in a good web domain.

There are specialized pages like Sedo, Namecheap and Godaddy where you can resell your domains, or even auction them off.

19. Sale of Subscription Content

In the event that you have great knowledge of a specific topic, you will have the opportunity to share what you know.

Do you like to write? This is one of the ways you have to monetize your passion for writing on the Internet.

So explore this subscription business model and start crafting specialized content.

20. Manicure or pedicure

The last idea of ​​what to sell to earn money is to offer a manicure service, the investment is little and the clientele is abundant. It’s a great way to generate income!

If you have the knowledge, all you have to do is start offering your services and get your first clients (they can be friends or family).

If you don’t have it, you can register for face-to-face courses in your city that teach how this business works, what you need to start, and the best strategies to create an income from this service.

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