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What to see in September? These are our 4 recommended streaming premieres • ENTER.CO

September is the month of love and friendship. Which means you need to save up for that special date or it’s the best month for the snuggle and marathon plan. But with so many streaming services it can be very difficult to know which releases to pay attention to. No problem. At ENTER.CO we understand the dilemma of the modern marathon lover. That is why we have prepared a list with the premieres that you should take into account this month, so that you do not miss a single one.

We also pick one per platform, so you can watch at least one from our list, even if you don’t have the full catalog of streaming platforms.

Cobra Kai – Season 5

September 9, only on Netflix

The good news is that if nothing else on the list convinces you, you have four seasons of Cobra Kai to catch up on. We are not exaggerating when we say that this spin off of The Karate Kid is an addictive television series. Nostalgia, but not to the point where it’s its only draw. If you’re a fan of karate series, but don’t mind a little dose of teen drama, then this is the show for you. For long-time fans, it’s also the opportunity to finally see if, after five seasons, we’ll see Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence join forces (you know… for more than two episodes).

Rick and Morty – Season 6

Rick and Morty

September 4, available on HBO Max

HBO Max can get the temper out of us from time to time… but it keeps bringing things that force us to stay a little longer. In this case, it’s a new batch of episodes from the most chaotic science fiction duo of recent years. A Morty with abs, Summer paying homage to Die Hard, the return of some old enemies…



September 21, only on Disney+

We know that the Star Wars series have not exactly been the most consistent when it comes to quality. However, for those who want to continue to see what surprises await in this galaxy far, far away. If Andor manages to be half as good as Rogue One (where its protagonist comes from), then there is huge potential. Unfortunately, the history of the Star Wars shows on Disney+ tells us that the studio is more successful at telling stories of original characters than concentrating on those that come from its films. Who knows? It may be that Andor is the new ‘Mandalorian’.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

  streaming premieres

September 2, only on Prime Video

It is impossible that at this point you have ignored one of the most anticipated releases of the year. For months there has been talk of adapting a show inspired by ‘The Lord of the Rings’ for Amazon Prime. Now it’s finally time to enjoy the series and, so far, we can say that nothing we’ve seen disappoints. Visually it may be one of the most ambitious shows the studio has. This new adventure in middle-earth will lead us to meet some familiar faces, such as a young Galadriel… and we resist (just as Sam would do at the time) to give them more details.

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