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What to pack for a romantic getaway

Planning a weekend for two? See what to pack for a romantic getaway and enjoy time with your partner.

Are you planning a weekend for two? Do not hesitate! Escape the routine and take that well-deserved rest that you’ve been putting off for so long. And so that you can focus only on dating, we tell you what you should take it in your suitcase for that romantic getaway.

Whether you have children and are planning a romantic weekend or are traveling in a group, remember that it’s important to take time together.

Getaways are an excellent opportunity for the couple to get closer and connect, something that often takes a backseat to the routine and rush of everyday life.

Check out the essentials that won’t be able to miss in your bag!

What to pack for a romantic getaway

We realize that you may have many doubts when planning all that what you need to pack for a romantic getaway. After all, there is so much to organize, like deciding where to eat, what to visit and what activities to do.

If you take those essential items with you when you go on holiday with your family or friends, such as toiletries, they won’t be missing here either.

However, we suggest that you leave your comfort zone and pack that special piece of lingerie or that satin nightgown in your bag. After all, the occasion deserves it.

Why not also bring a corkscrew, for a pre-dinner toast? Or a little surprise to offer, like a perfume or a book?

do the homework

When it comes to clothing, it is essential to take into account the destination and the climate. Stay true to yourself and your style and separate clothes accordingly.

A winter getaway in the Douro calls for thick knitwear and comfortable shoes to explore the vineyards. For a long weekend, in the already sunny southern Algarve, don’t forget your hat and sunglasses.

And how should you be planning to take a small suitcase, you must be thinking about how you will manage to close it. Take the opportunity to wear the same outfit overnight, adding just an overcoat or blazer and betting on accessories and a more festive make-up.

If you have difficulty managing the amount of clothes you are going to put in your bag, try planning the different looks in advance, so that you don’t miss anything or that you take too many pieces.

We also suggest that you take the biggest clothes with you on the trip, such as a long coat or boots, so that you can save space in your suitcase, and avoid exceeding the weight limit if you are going to travel by plane.

When it comes to shoes, we know you want to surprise, but there’s nothing worse than suffering from tight shoes. Also avoid taking new shoes, so as not to be surprised. To the ballet shoes are ideal for use during the day, and can be taken a more delicate footwear to use at night.

Plan a special dinner

Take the opportunity to get away from the kitchen and book a table at a special restaurant.

If during the day comfort should be key, for dinner wear something that makes you feel good and special and bet on a bolder make-up.

A long dress, which doesn’t take up any space in your suitcase, or jeans and a satin blouse, with a blazer and ankle boots are ideal for an elegant yet comfortable look.

use the one Red lipstick which he is not in the habit of placing, or a eye shadowfor that extra oomph.

Pay attention to detail

Remember this weekend is about the two of you, and attention will be focused on the two of you only. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to detail and take items with you that are well cared for and in excellent condition.

Avoid having to use the hotel’s 2-in-1 shampoo and take your own toiletries. If, after the bath, her hair shows some rebelliousness, don’t forget to take yours dryer or flat iron. Don’t trust the ones you’ll find in your bathroom, you won’t want to spend the morning trying to use them.

When it comes to accessories, this is where your vain side comes to the fore. Accessories have the power to elevate any look, while making basic garments more sophisticated.

beyond the jewelry and costume jewelryjoin one scarf or hat in your bag to fight the sun or the cold in style.

Now that you feel more oriented, start organizing your suitcase and count down to the getaway.

And if you forget something, don’t worry! After all, the important thing is to disconnect and enjoy the moment.

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