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What to do if you miss the deadline or make a mistake in the annual MEI statement

If you are the owner of an enterprise that fits the MEI (Individual Micro Entrepreneur) regime, you know that your company depends on a series of obligations to be met in order to keep it stable. Some tasks are more bureaucratic, others are not. In the wake of institutional procedures is the annual declaration of MEI, or as it is known: DASN-Simei.

Missing deadlines or making any mistake when filling out a document can be a cause of wasted time and stress in the future. But, don’t worry because there is a way to repair the damage caused by mistakes and unforeseen events.

What this article covers:

How to make the annual declaration of MEI

If you already own a MEI, have you gone through the process of starting your individual microenterprise in Entrepreneur Portal?? To carry out your statement, you will enter the same website.

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The information requested concerns the gross annual revenue of your MEI for the previous year. To speed things up, you can add up the values ​​for each month present in the monthly gross income report. Remember that proof by means of an invoice is mandatory in the case of business carried out with other companies. It is also worth noting that it is important to declare whether you have any employees, and if so, inform the number.

How to act in case of missed deadline

Even if you didn’t manage to declare in time, there is still a hassle-free chance to file your declaration. For that:

  • Download the MEI Fácil application
  • Fill in your CPF
  • Look for the option “Annual declaration”

From there you will be able to access overdue declarations as well as those that have been made. Choose the missing declaration and follow the same steps presented in the Entrepreneur Portal.

How to proceed in case of wrong information in the declaration

Here you cannot use the app. Go to the website of Simple national and enter your CNPJ. Once this data is filled in, go to the desired declaration type and select the rectification option. Now just choose the referring year and correct the errors.

Late declarations are fined 25.00. After 30 days from the date of delivery, if there is no payment, the amount increases to 50.00. Therefore, one of your priorities is to carry out the DASN-Simei in a timely manner.

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