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What to do if documents are missing in the INSS retirement request?

First, it is important to mention that workers who intend to retire through the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) must have all the documents that prove all the time contributed, as well as the amounts collected.

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First of all, it is necessary to have checked whether the entry and exit notes of all the companies in which he worked were entered correctly in the National Social Information Register (CNIS). Accessing the CNIS can be done through the Meu INSS website or through the application. Therefore, before checking the other paperwork, you should pay attention to the CNIS and find out if you have the correct information.

CNIS registration

The main problem that hinders workers who want to retire is precisely the CNIS. If for some reason it is not complete, it will be feasible for the worker to collect all his/her work cards, employment contracts, contractual termination terms, in addition to booklets and paychecks, as well as requesting an extract from the Severance Indemnity Fund ( FGTS).

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If you have difficulties obtaining part of the documentation due to difficulties imposed by the employer, it is worth making an extrajudicial notification or calling the Labor Court.


Note that it is possible to obtain the contribution of time in the work card, even if company X has gone bankrupt. Just find the union for the category, if it is not possible using this method, it will be interesting to carry out a search with the employer’s name and CNPJ and find out if there are bankruptcy proceedings.

If there is any bankruptcy process in force, just check which court you are in and pick up the phone or address to be able to contact the administrator of the bankrupt estate. He will be the one who will provide all the requested documentation.

CNIS with errors

The worker must verify as soon as possible that all contributions are, in fact, in the CNIS and if not, they need to make an appointment with the INSS to carry out the inclusion.

Too many mistakes

To resolve other errors to file a retirement request through the INSS, they must prove their working hours and request all information on their previous jobs, if there is not enough data for the INSS to comply with the request.

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