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what to do and where to stay

Rural tourism is on the rise in our country and the Alentejo area is one of the most sought after. Keep up with our suggestions.

O rural tourism in Alentejo is based on the link between Alentejo traditions and the markedly rural environment of this part of the country. Considered a set of activities carried out in a rural area, this type of tourism aims to provide interested parties with a complete and quite diversified offer.

Alentejo is an area rich in customs, traditions and legacies. In this way, rural tourism in Alentejo is entirely linked to the social characteristics, values, ways of life and thoughts of the rural communities that live in this area.

Rural tourism in Alentejo is sustainable, as its development helps to maintain the rural attributes of the regionusing local resources and the knowledge of the Alentejo people to provide guests with different experiences.

In Alentejo, rural tourism offers a personalized welcome and in accordance with the tradition of welcoming. Curious about where to stay and what to do? Follow our tips.

Rural tourism in Alentejo: what to do?

Horse rides

Next to Europe’s largest artificial lake, in the Alqueva region, you can find charming landscapes, where flora and fauna have a remarkable presence. It is in this calm setting that you can enjoy a horse ride, always being in contact with nature.

You can go horseback riding at various estates in the region, and you may even have the opportunity to participate in riding lessons. We recommend that you get to know the tourist guide for horseback riding in Alqueva??

Balloon ride

Another rural tourism activity in Alentejo to consider is taking a hot air balloon ride. This is a unique and unforgettable experience. On this trip you can fly over the Alentejo plain in a hot air balloon. Balloon flights from February to the end of October are at dawn, while from November to the end of March they are also at sunset.

sailing tour

At Alqueva region, the big lake meets all the conditions for an excellent and outstanding sailing practice. Possessing a vast navigation area, it is possible to enjoy sailing trips in the Alqueva. Before the tour in question, you have the possibility to carry out a training.

The fantastic Alentejo landscapes invite you to rest

Rural tourism in Alentejo: where to stay?

Here are some suggestions for a few days of rest or holidays in the heart of Alentejo.

Monte do Serrado de Baixo (Évora)

Typically from Alentejo, the Monte do Serrado de Baixo it is a house that honors the wisdom of traditional rural architecture. It has thick walls, the blue bar so characteristic of the Alentejo, imposing chimneys and a leafy garden with huge holm oaks.

The rooms refer to the Alentejo landscape: the harvest, the cork oak forest, the olive tree and the vineyard. The common room, with a huge floor fire, is the ideal place to spend the long winter nights or the hot hours of the summer afternoons.

Monte das Faias, Grândola

Located a mere 5 km from the village of Grândola, the Monte das Faias It is characterized by having a personalized quality service, providing the guest with the tranquility of the rural environment, conviviality, moments of relaxation and, above all, the benefits of an outdoor life.

In this space, it is possible to enjoy a game of tennis, rent bicycles from the property and explore nearby cycling trails.

Monte do Zeca, Zambujeira do Mar

Another of the Alentejo farms that is worth renting is the Monte do Zecanamely if you are looking to do rural tourism in Alentejo, whether with family or friends.

This rural space, 7 km from Zambujeira do Mar, on the Costa Vicentina, combines countryside and beach.

In terms of accommodation, you can choose rooms or even the convenience of apartments. Regardless of your option, count on bicycles and free parking, as well as access to wi-fi.

Paneiro Mills, Santiago do Cacem

A final suggestion for accommodation within the rural tourism of Alentejo is the property Paneiro Millsa space with magnificent views over the Alentejo countryside.

Located a 10-minute drive from the Sudoeste Alentejano and Costa Vicentina Natural Park, this property offers guests a green garden, a beautiful outdoor swimming pool and the possibility of outdoor barbecues. The entire surrounding area is ideal for mountain biking and surfing, and horseback riding is possible.

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