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What to do and what not to do during the full moon in Virgo in March 2023

As the March full moon, known as the Worm Moon, rises in the sky, its effects begin to fall on us. This lunation occurs in the organizational and practical sign of Virgo, so This energy can be beneficial or harmful to carry out some activities.

All full moons represent the climax of the lunar cycle, however, each one arrives with a different energy. The one that is now upon us forces us to be more analytical, at the same time, can lead us into a spiral that could leave us feeling stuck. Astrologers recommended in a Bustle article, qWhat to do and what not to do on this lunation to take advantage of its energy.

What to do with the full moon in Virgo

eliminate bad habits

Virgo is a detail-oriented sign whose energy tends to seek to perfect ourselves, therefore, this lunation is perfect for analyzing and discovering what bad habits we should eliminate in all our routines. However, astrologers warn that it could be a difficult task because not all of us will like to see in which areas we are vulnerable.

clean and organize

While the moon is in Virgo we are supported by an organizing energy. Suddenly you want to organize and clean the house or the desk, astrologers recommend taking advantage of this impulse to also purify our spiritual side.

Surround yourself with nature

Virgo is an earth sign, so in this lunation it is advisable to approach this element to “root ourselves” and remain practical. A walk in the park or spending time in nature will be more comforting during this lunation.

What not to do during the full moon in Virgo

Being too self-critical

Virgo tends to judge himself harshly, although it may be a virtue, in extremes it can stress him out due to his tendency to be a perfectionist. In this sense, during this lunation it is important to be flexible and self-compassionate, that is, allow ourselves small setbacks before starting the new astrological year on March 20.

dive into thoughts

Since Virgo is a natural overthinker, it is possible that during this lunation many of your thoughts, emotions and energies may be out of control. Bustle recommended “letting yourself go” with the energy of the universe and not getting stuck in a spiral of thoughts that lead nowhere.

try too hard

Full moons affect our energy and can cause disturbances in sleep cycles. Astrologers suggest resting whenever our body asks us to, so we can recharge our batteries.

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