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What the presence of your guardian angel feels like: the 5 most common signs

Guardian angels have the function of guiding and protecting human beings on the earthly plane. According to angelology, each one of us has one of these beings that guards us from the moment we are conceived until death and, despite not seeing them, they are by our side.

Not all people have the sensitivity to perceive its warm divine energy, in principle, because it is about belief and faith, however, there are physical signs that could suggest its presence.

One of them is known as synchronicity of the universe, a concept that says that being in the right place and time It is not coincidence or coincidence, but causation. For example, see the time 11:11 on the clock every day. And it is that, according to angelic numerology, one of the ways that these beings communicate is through repeated numbers.

In addition to this type of signals, there are others that only we can perceive with the 5 senses and in a more natural way. Next, we tell you what they are.

1. Sudden changes in ambient temperature

The vibrational frequency of angels is different from that of human beings, according to We Mystic, they can accelerate the movement of molecules in the air, so if you feel sudden heat it is because your guardian angel is present.

2. Pleasant smells

If you perceive a sudden pleasant smell of unknown origin in the environment, it may be your angel. His fragrances are fantastic and inspire us tranquility, peace and love.

3. Hearing someone mention your name

Has it happened to you that you hear your name in an adjoining room or on the street, and when you turn around there is no one or you are the only one who heard? This is a sign from the angels as they know how we are named.

4. Appearance of colored lights

Angels are beings of light and will never manifest as shadows, on the contrary, you will be able to see them similar to a rainbow, in the form of short-lived flashes with no apparent logical origin.

5. Feel accompanied

There are times when, despite walking alone or being alone, we feel as if someone were accompanying us. Suddenly you can have a feeling of warmth and you want to talk to yourself, this is because your angel is communicating with you.

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