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What tarot cards mean marriage

Given the growing demand for astrology, there are several horoscopes that, in addition to offering predictions based on the planets, also use tarot cards to tell us what the near future holds. Although astrologers explain right there what it means for a certain sign to have that card as regent, there is much more in depth, for example, those that predict marriage.

When we consult the tarot specifically to know how it will go in love, whether you go to a face-to-face or online reading, practice it yourself or see it in your horoscope, there are letters that specifically announce a wedding.

A traditional tarot deck has 78 cards that are divided into major arcana and minor arcana. The major arcana give us powerful life lessons or signify turning points, while the minor ones deal with everyday things, tarotists explained to Bustle in an article.

Although each card has a meaning, they add, what really counts is the perspective or interpretation that we give it and one of the ways to do it is, first of all, to consider the energy of the consultant, the subject to be treated and the way in which how the card appears, that is, location, position and order.

Taking the above into consideration, now we explain why the following tarot cards mean marriage.

Ace of Cups and Two of Pentacles

The Ace of Cups is a minor arcana that symbolizes the overflow of emotions, while the Two of Pentacles is associated with balance and grounding. If these two cards appear in a reading, talk about there is a balance of emotions, both complement each other and it means that, if you are in a relationship, both are ready to take the next step.

Three and Ten of Pentacles

These two cards are also minor arcana. Both are associated with luckalthough they have certain differences. The Three of Pentacles means that the two members of the couple have the correct foundations and share the same values; while the Ten of Pentacles symbolizes the legacy of such solid foundations.

The High Priest and The Lovers

When these two major arcana appear in your tarot reading is a strong commitment notice. The Lovers symbolize the relationship and love between two people, on the other hand, The High Priest or The Pope, is associated with structures of religion. Together these two cards only have one meaning: marriage.

Strength and the Six of Cups

Tarot readers say that if these two cards appear together It means a love from the past will return with staying power.. The Six of Cups is a minor arcana that symbolizes nostalgia and connection to the past, while The Strength is a major arcana that signifies inner power and security.

Three of Cups and Eight of Pentacles

When you ask specifically about marriage and these two cards appear, it bodes well.. According to experts on the subject, this combination means fun and the consolidation of important milestones. It implies a happy and great marriage.

Two of Cups and Four of Wands

The Two of Cups is a minor arcana that symbolizes the connection of the soul, while the Four of Wands is associated with home, structure and home. Together they are a good sign for marriage as it indicates that the couple will create a harmonious and secure relationship.

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