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What sports are suitable for each zodiac sign

Sometimes it’s hard to choose a sport you want to give preference to. To make it easier, you can consult your zodiac sign.

Do you like to play athletic sports? I’m not someone who particularly enjoys playing games or watching sports, despite what my zodiac sign says about me.

Granted, I’m a huge hockey fan and an MMA fan, and I’m really going to watch the game, but that’s all.

When I was younger, I played basketball for four years. I was also a band nerd, who ended up winning basketball.

Sport plays an important role in an individual’s life. Staying active through physical activity and sports has many benefits for the body. Some of these benefits include increased cardiovascular fitness, bone health, decreased risk of obesity, improved sleep, and better coordination and balance. Also, similar to many other aspects of life, zodiac signs can help determine the type of sport you play. Here’s a look at the sports that you like or suit you, according to your zodiac sign.


As a natural leader, Aries is made to manage and lead his team. The sign likes to compete in combat and all kinds of adrenaline-inducing extreme sports. Recommended: motorsport, motocross, cycling, surfing, skiing, boxing.


Taurus, quite calm on the outside, energetic on the inside. They need to vent and de-stress because they take everything seriously. That’s why Taureans need a sport that combines concentration, calm and relaxation. Recommended: judo, golf, kundalini yoga.


Gemini need to communicate, share and move. They don’t stand still, they need to be part of the team. A sport where Geminis can talk, move around and put their minds to work is what makes them happy and rejuvenated. Recommended: capoeira, modern dance, hip-hop, tennis.


A true emotional sponge, Cancer is more creative and artistic than an athlete. For them, sport is a way to release their emotions and listen to their body. Cancerians need to feel in touch with nature. Recommended: swimming, yoga, running, rowing, water aerobics, dancing.

a lion

Leo is very important to looking good. In addition, the representatives of this sign have huge reserves of fire and energy for this. Recommended: stretching, boxing, hot yoga, crossfit, aquagym.


With unparalleled levels of concentration, Virgos like things well done, but your perfectionism sometimes gets in the way of enjoying the full benefits of the sport. Recommended: marathon, hatha yoga, fencing, tai chi, archery.


Libras rely on “soft” sports that bring more relaxation than physical pain. Having fun with your partner or friend is the goal, as is keeping your body in good shape. Recommended: yin yoga, dancing, swimming, stretching, Pilates, figure skating.


Feeling, feeling pain, going to the limit of your strength, testing your limits is Scorpio’s true mission. He needs to feel that the body has not worked in vain, and the sign always wants quick results. Recommended: boxing, elliptical bike, rowing, jumping.


Sagittarius important wide and open spaces. Practicing sports for the sign is synonymous with freedom and flight. Sagittarius likes the feeling of speed and movement. Recommended: riding, skiing, cycling, running, rowing.


Capricorns always seek a union between body and mind. But this sign is a lonely person, team sports are not their strong point. Capricorn needs to transcend itself. Recommended: Iyengar yoga, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, golf, snowshoeing.


Aquarius needs to stay active outdoors and get off the beaten path. Your need for originality and freedom is very important. Aquarian energy is just waiting to be released. Recommended: sailing, cycling, horseback riding, hiking.


The main thing for Pisces is feelings and sensations. They need to feel the fusion of mind and body and unleash their imagination and creativity by engaging in gentle, non-aggressive or even contemplative and meditative activities. Recommended: Pilates, water aerobics, kundalini yoga, ballet.

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